A writer (later head writer) for The Daily Show, like Dan and Elliott, he joined the writing staff around the same time as Dan. He sat in for Stuart in Episode 95: Trespass, as well as Episode 104: Atlas Shrugged: Part I.
An important part of the Flopiverse, as proven by not only having a wiki entry, but it being more than one paragraph.
His name is spelled just like it sounds, in case you somehow found this page, but are still trying to find how to spell his name on the Internet.
Unlike the rest of the Floppers, he really appreciates the listeners, and wants to thank them for listening. But, if you're writing in, really, try and keep those emails concise and to the point. He gets a lot of Flop House related emails/tweets/facebook messages/pokes/snail mail/p-mail/greeting cards, and it's a lot to sort through.
But be warned: Zhubin possesses a deep well of rage, hidden behind a veil of pleasantness. (Episode 95: Trespass @56:50)

The Parang TheoryEdit

alternate title: The Parang Conjecture
Jgb(x) ∝ Ptw(x)
The probability of a bad movie receiving a Good-Bad judgment is directly proportional to the cardinality of its plot twists.


  • ­There was a lot of pleasure in that pain, I’m not going to lie about that. It felt really good...I’m a cutter.
         —Episode 104: Atlas Shrugged: Part I @30:40
  • ­Everyone wants it, and I want it more than most. Not more than everyone else, just more than most.
         —ibid. @56:25

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