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If you want to be a hero, try to follow the COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY style guide when you make edits.

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  1. A list of every time somebody says:
    1. "High Five"
    2. "Flop House curtain"
    3. "That's racist."
  2. A list of every time Stuart accidentally-on-purpose screws up the introductions.
  3. A map of all the places that the Floppers have traveled to (as told by them, on the show... no stalker techniques). Basically anywhere outside of New York State should count. I think there's a way to do this.
    1. Also an ancillary map of places the Floppers say they have never been to.
  4. A page that estimates Dan's level of alcohol-induced impairment for each episode. Maybe with a bar chart.

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  1. Episode 133: Bullet to the Head
  2. Episode 131: Marmaduke
  3. Episode 120: The Paperboy
  4. Episode 125: Smiley
  5. Episode 141: Last Ounce of Courage
  6. Episode 104: Atlas Shrugged: Part I
  7. Episode 101: The Last Godfather

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  • {{AudioNote|<message>}}
  • {{EmptyEpisode}} ← use on a brand-new (entirely blank) episode page, like this:


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