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The main topic of the Flop House podcast, as determined by majority vote in Episode 366: Deep Water @1:31:15:

Elliott: I don't know why my fortune teller when I went to see her didn't tell me that this year the Flop House would become the site for a battle between those who love and those who hate Topeka.
Dan: Yeah.
Elliott: Seems unlikely. Well, do you have hot takes or cold takes on Topeka? Let's call them Topeka-Takes, or Take-pekas. Write in to the Flop House and tell us your take on Topeka, because that's apparently what we do now.
Dan: Take a peak at Topeka-takes!
Stuart: Tapioca!
Elliott: In fact, I'm going to introduce a motion. I'm introducing a motion — I know the meeting is over, but I'm reconvening the meeting — I'm gonna introduce a motion that at the beginning we say "This is a podcast where talk about what people think about Topeka." Who'd like to second that motion?
Stuart: I'd like to second.
Dan: Oh god...
Elliott: Ok, great, all in favour of adopting that as the opening motto say, "Aye!" Aye!
Stuart: Aye!
Dan : Ok...
Elliott: All against, say "nay!"
Dan: Wow, I... You know what, I'm always going to lose 'cause there's a voting bloc here.
Elliott: Well you're always going to lose if you don't vote with the winners!
Stuart: Happens when you're on the wrong side of history, pal.
Dan: I — I'm trying...
Elliott: Ok, voting is closed, the motion is passed, the opening motto is now "Welcome to the Flop House, a podcast where we talk about what people think about Topeka."

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