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Flop House host Elliott Kalan's favourite way of describing himself, Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington when all three of them are present at a recording of The Flop House. It is an allusion to the baseball team in the classic 1992 film A League of Their Own.
Technically, though, this was not the original lineup of the podcast (cough cough Simon Fisher cough).

The Phrase "Original Peaches" Mentioned In

Division of Labor

Each Flopper has a critical role to play in the creation of a world-class podcast.
milieu Dan Stuart Elliott
"Backstreet's Back" video Mummy Mummy TBD
The Chipmunks[1] Theodore Alvin Simon
Flop House sandwich[2] plate mayonnaise meat
Ghostbusters[1] Ray / Egon Venkman Egon
Human Centipede[3][4] Back Middle Front
A League of Their Own[5] Betty Spaghetti Geena Davis Lori Petty
The Muppet Show[1] Scooter Animal Kermit
Night Court[6] Mac Dan Fielding Harry
Rice Krispies[1] Pop Snap Crackle
Sesame Street[1] Unfunny Bert Ernie Bert
Star Wars Luke / Lobot Han Chewbacca
Teen Wolf[7] Teen Wolf Boof Stiles
The Three Stooges Shemp Curly Moe
Turtles Leonardo Michelangelo Donatello
Winnie the Pooh[8] Eeyore Tigger Piglet
X-Men Cyclops Wolverine Beast


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