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Flop House host Elliott Kalan's favourite way of describing himself, Dan McCoy and Stuart Wellington when all three of them are present at a recording of The Flop House. It is an allusion to the baseball team in the classic 1992 film A League of Their Own.
Technically, though, this was not the original lineup of the podcast (cough cough Simon Fisher cough).

The Phrase "Original Peaches" Mentioned In[]

Division of Labor[]

Each Flopper has a critical role to play in the creation of a world-class podcast.
milieu Dan Stuart Elliott
"Backstreet's Back" video Mummy Mummy TBD
The Chipmunks[1] Theodore Alvin Simon
Flop House sandwich[2] plate mayonnaise meat
Ghostbusters[1] Ray / Egon Venkman Egon
Human Centipede[3][4] Back Middle Front
A League of Their Own[5] Betty Spaghetti Geena Davis Lori Petty
The Muppet Show[1] Scooter Animal Kermit
Night Court[6] Mac Dan Fielding Harry
Rice Krispies[1] Pop Snap Crackle
Sesame Street[1] Unfunny Bert Ernie Bert
Star Wars Luke / Lobot Han Chewbacca
Teen Wolf[7] Teen Wolf Boof Stiles
The Three Stooges Shemp Curly Moe
Turtles Leonardo Michelangelo Donatello
Winnie the Pooh[8] Eeyore Tigger Piglet
X-Men Cyclops Wolverine Beast