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What the Hosts Believe About Their Fans[]

They expect Elliott to know the correct terminology for everything in the Star Wars universe.
Episode 15: D-War: Dragon Wars @11:30
They have a passing familiarity with the Crank franchise.
Episode 15: D-War: Dragon Wars @22:15
They are subway commuters, insomniacs, and/or trolley drivers.
Episode 15: D-War: Dragon Wars @27:45
They include a Josiah from Shreveport, Bumfuck County, state name withheld.
Episode 20: 10,000 BC @25:45
They include a lot of ladies, most of those being fans of Stuart.
Episode 30: Bangkok Dangerous @43:50)
The Floppers refer to these female fans as "Femans." (Episode 94: Conan the Barbarian @43:00
They, like Stuart, possess the taste to have already seen the movie Mindhunters a few times.
Episode 34: Mirrors @21:10
Approximately two of them would be familiar with A Contract with God (1978 graphic novel by Will Eisner).
Episode 36: The Spirit @03:30
They like "mouth music" less than Elliott might imagine.
Dan, Episode 36: The Spirit @33:40
They are all collectively to blame when there is no listener mail.
Episode 41: 12 Rounds @46:00
As much as 5% of them are non-nerds.
Episode 49: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li @03:10
Their primary frame of reference for women's fashions is characters from the Star Wars universe.
Episode 49: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li @18:40
They all had HBO growing up.
Episode 50: Delgo @14:30
They include a large contingent of comic book-reading women.
Episode 51: X-Men Origins: Wolverine @04:45
They are not necessarily fans of Movie Minutes in particular.
Episode 55: The Ugly Truth @50:30
They like when things are simple and clear, but not in a condescending way.
Episode 62: Legion @04:00
They are huge sports fans.
Episode 63: From Paris With Love @33:40
They are mainly Tweens, who are Justin Bieber fanatics.
Episode 92: Country Strong @22:00
Some of the listener mail comes from inmates of the county jail.
Episode 94: Conan the Barbarian @33:30
Most of them are jerks.
Episode 117: Seeking Justice @56:20
They include some people who have at least one tiny doll hand.
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @07:50
They include a lot of filmmakers, heartbreakers, love takers, and bread bakers.
Episode 136: ATM @45:10
They include G.I. Joe nerds.
Episode 153: G.I. Joe: Retaliation @14:45
They know what Dan's talking about.
Episode 195: The Golden Child @03:10
All of them "like facts."
Episode 206: The Choice @11:50
Not every listener is a fan. Some are "hate listeners."
Episode 209: Pay the Ghost @05:50
They can't appreciate Dan's "great face acting."
Episode 243: The Bye Bye Man @14:30

Notable Listeners[]

Gerard Butler
Episode 57: Sorority Row @07:40
Selena Gomez
Episode 142: Getaway @13:35
Melanie Griffith
Episode 41: 12 Rounds @56:00
Erik Marcisak
Episode 245: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III @1:23:50
Christopher Nolan
Episode 89: Season of the Witch @52:25
Gwen Stefani
Episode 6: Perfect Stranger @29:10
Fisher Stevens
Episode 12: Awake @15:50
Michelle Williams
Episode 9: Next @05:15, Episode 48: The Chaos Experiment @44:35
Steve Zahn
Episode 164: 300: Rise of an Empire @13:30
Dan's dad
Episode 174: That Awkward Moment @1:05:30
Stuart's mom
Episode 150: Grudge Match
Elliott's brother

Notable Non-Listeners[]

Michael Eisner
Episode 84: Sucker Punch @52:55
Paul Shaffer
Episode 61: Surrogates @37:30
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Elliott's mom
Episode 74: Valentine's Day @08:55
Elliott's Wife
Episode 221: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice @02:25