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Grieving widow, after she has recieved a Teddygram

Chocolate teddy grahams
During the Second World War, the wives of American soldiers who died on the battlefield were notified by hand delivery of chocolate-covered graham crackers shaped like teddy bears. (Knowing the woman was newly-widowed, oftentimes a messenger would return later to "console" her.)

Fun Fact:

After the war, Europe briefly had a Teddygram-based economy.

Mentioned in[]

Stuart wants to make a Teddygrams joke, but was too late. Elliott tells him not to worry about it, because they made the Platonic ideal of Teddygram jokes, like, one hundred episodes ago.


Elliott: Now, why would he learn by telegram? His son didn't die overseas!
Dan: I just imagine that everyone whose son dies, they get a telegram about it.
Stuart: Yep. Somebody from the War Department shows up.
Dan: Well, he was an FBI agent.
Stuart: Sure.
Elliott: That's not even close. Not even close.
Dan: They use telegrams. But ultimately there was just...
Stuart: Teddy Grahams?
Elliott: All the World War II wives, whose husbands were off at war, dreaded those Teddygrams.
Dan: We're sorry about your son. Here's some, here's some Teddy Grahams. Maybe that'll cheer you up.
Stuart: Those chocolate ones are so gross, dude.
Dan: They're little bear cookies. Maybe that'll take his place in your heart.
Elliott: Maybe this will ease some of the sting. It's a little cracker that looks like a bear. Anyway, I got a lot of Teddygrams to give out today. I'll see you later, I guess.
Stuart: Wait a minute! So he might see her again? Like, "I'll see you around"?
Elliott: It's a little distasteful to hit on a woman just then, but he knows she's single. He's gonna come back...with more Teddy Grahams.
Stuart: "Catch ya on the flip side!"
Dan: ...quitting time...she's all alone in this world.
Elliott: Yeah. So it looks like a, like a Teddygram delivery guy can give her...
Dan: Any man who gives her a Teddygram, she's just gonna be so grateful.
Elliott: Well, that's what it was like in Europe after the war. The oncoming soldiers could just give girls Teddy Grahams and they could do whatever they wanted, you know.
Stuart: Yeah, I didn't know that.
Elliott: It was a Teddygram-based economy.
Stuart: So we, we all really hated this movie. That's too bad. I was really hoping this would be fun.
Dan: Thinking about the time we've spent talking about Teddygrams...
Elliott: So far in this episode devoted the movie Untraceable we've talked about: Teddy Grahams, cutting holes in things and putting your penis in them...what else? Anything else of note?