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I think our Flophouse Movie Pitches should be consolidated into a single page. When re-listening to an episode I have found that there are sometimes upwards of 4-5 movies "created" in a single show.

  • I think I may have subconsciously stolen the "A Good-Bad Wiki about a Good Podcast about Bad Movies" line from Read it and Weep's site: compare it to their "A Good Podcast about Bad Books, Movies, and TV". Is this what it feels like to be Robin Williams? Changes are welcomed. Foxpylon 05:08, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

Robin Williams? Don't be so mean to yourself!

  • I've totally had the intention for at least a month and a half to go back and listen to the old episodes during my drives to and from work, so I could make half-ass entries based on the classic stuff. Totally had the intention. One of these days, I'm sure. Just so the wiki doesn't become a "stuff from the latest episode" only thing. As much as enjoy what people take out of the new eps, the stuff that they're rediscovering from the older episodes has been just the funniest stuff.