• ­Tonight on The Flop House we examine the Billy Zane vehicle Memory — surely the best Billy Zane movie since the last one.
         —Dan, Episode 2: Memory @00:00
  • ­This is what I missed: Whenever you say 'I don't know about you guys...' and then you say the craziest thing in the world.
         —Elliott (to Stuart), Episode 27: 27 Dresses @07:55
  • ­Honestly, the only thing I can remember about that movie [King of the Ants] is that Kari Wuhrer is in it, and of all the B-movie starlets I find her the most attractive.
         —Dan, Episode 30: Bangkok Dangerous @12:50
  • ­This was, for me, I think the most boring movie we've watched — more than 10,000 BC or Seven Pounds, which I actually had less trouble watching than you guys did.
         —Elliott, Episode 56: Whiteout @40:20
  • ­The thing I hate most in movies is any time where they have a council of elders.
         —Elliott, Episode 62: Legion @28:15
  • ­In this episode we discuss the most terrifying horror movie ever made...
         —Dan, Episode 65: Old Dogs @00:00
  • ­This is the most overacted movie in the history of the world, I think.
         —Elliott, Episode 65: Old Dogs @15:15
  • ­In this, our most Juggalicious episode, we discuss the Insane Clown Posse project Big Money Rustlas.
         —Dan, Episode 69: Big Money Rustlas @00:00
  • ­I think this is the most times I've heard you say 'I hate this fucking movie' during a movie.
         —Elliott (to Stuart), Episode 70: Jonah Hex @31:30
  • ­On this episode we discuss Devilthe scariest elevator-themed horror movie since The Lift.
         —Dan, Episode 73: Devil @00:00
  • ­This is not the most boring movie we've watched, but it is the stupidest movie we've watched.
         —Dan, Episode 84: Sucker Punch @33:30
  • ­The scariest thing about it was someone made this not intending to horrify and disgust us.
         —Elliott, Episode 138: Foodfight! @27:55
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