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Rocket crocodile poster
One of Elliott's movie pitches, which he made in Episode 73: Devil.
The movie stars the titular Rocket Crocodile, who is an astronaut who falls through a timewarp and lands in the future which for some reason has dinosaurs and becomes a rockstar. He has to stop the clothing bandit who's stealing the wardrobe of all the beautiful women in the world.
He has a cynical, wise-crackin' zebra sidekick, who is not afraid of being eaten by Rocket. They have a romantic storyline.
Both Gina Gershon and Carla Gugino are nude in, like, every scene. Rocket Crocodile is fully clothed.
The soundtrack is scored jointly by Talking Heads and Danzig.
Elliott has already pitched the sequel Rocket Crocodile Goes to the Past, in which he has to go back to the '50s to get his parents together.

Sample Dialogue[]

  • "Oh man, it's so hot in here!"
  • "I'm going to take a shower now, but I'll just stand around first."
  • "Who put all these ants in my clothing?"

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Approximation of what Rocket Crocodile would look like. Not pictured: rockets and cool sunglasses.

­Script is done. I need the money for the production.
       —Elliott @54:05
It is revealed that this year's SONG OF THE AUTUMN contest winner is Jason MacIsaac for his auto tune song: "Rocket Crocodile In The World Of Tomorrow"

Original Pitch[]

Dan: Let's move on to recommendations. Movies that you may have seen recently. Or not, if you haven't had time.
Elliott: Can we recommend movies we haven't seen?
Stuart: Yes.
Dan: Uhh...I don't know why you'd do that, but yeah.
Elliott: In which case, I'd like to recommend Rocket Crocodile in the World of Tomorrow. It's a movie that doesn't exist, and I'm making it up as I go along. It involves a crocodile astronaut. He accidentally falls through a time machine warp, and becomes a rockstar in the World of the Future, which also has dinosaurs.
Dan: Hm. I don't know how I'm going to link to that on the website.
Elliott: Oh, yeah.
Dan: Usually I link to the IMDb—
Elliott: And Gina Gershon is nude in like every scene.
Dan: Okay, sure. So, like any Gina Gershon role.
Elliott: Oh yeah, you're right. Also: Carla Gugino is nude in every scene.
Dan: Like half of her roles. Um...
Elliott: Rocket Crocodile is fully clothed.
Stuart: Do they have speaking roles, or are they just naked in the background?
Elliott: I mean, there's a little bit of that.
Stuart: Okay.
Elliott: There's a little bit of speaking, you know.
Stuart: Okay.
Dan: Yeah. Just to make it not exploitative.
Stuart: And to set up the nudity, like: "Oh man, it's so hot in here!"
Elliott: "I'm gonna take a shower now, but I'll just stand around first."
Stuart: Or: "Who put all these ants in my clothing?"
Elliott: Yeah, yeah.
Dan: I would love to see that—
Elliott: They just—
Stuart: So: Rocket Crocodile—haven't seen it yet, but you know. Keep your eyes peeled at the cineplex.
Elliott: It's—I'm giving it five out of five Amazings.
Stuart: So, go to Netflix, put "Save", go to—put "Save" so that it goes into your queue...
Dan: Whatever the, whatever movie comes up on the autofill—
Elliott: Just take it.
Dan: —the closest match—
Elliott: —that's closest to "Rocket Crocodile in the World of Tomorrow"
Stuart: Probably is Dollman.
Elliott: Soundtrack by the, by Talking Heads. They got back together to do the soundtrack.
Dan: Wow!
Stuart: Sure.
Elliott: And Danzig.
Dan: He got them together, that's—
Elliott: Glenn Danzig and David Byrne, finally working together.
Dan: I'm, well I'm amazed that Rocket Crocodile solved the Byrne-Weymouth rift that has kept Talking Heads from reuniting.
Elliott: Oh yeah, well: it's the world of tomorrow.
Dan: All right, well, your—that's your recommendation, Elliott.
Elliott: He has to, he has to stop the Clothing Bandit who's stealing clothing from all the beautiful women in the world.
Stuart: I think I've seen this my dreams.
Dan: You're thinking of The Devil Wears Nada.
Stuart: Oh, okay.
Dan: Which you should also watch instead of Devil.
Stuart: I thought I was thinking of The Invisible Maniac again.
Elliott: I love how you have like three movies that you recommend in rotation.
Stuart: I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but he kills a guy with a submarine sandwich.
Elliott: You mentioned it many times.

Elliott: Did I mention that Rocket Crocodile's sidekick is a wisecracking zebra?
Dan: No.
Stuart: Is it animated, or a guy in a zebra suit?
Dan: Now—
Elliott: It's a guy in a zebra suit, but the mouth is animated.
Dan: —is the zebra afraid that Rocket Crocodile's gonna eat him? Or her?
Elliott: No, no. He's wisecracking.
Dan: Okay.
Elliott: He's, you know, like he's cynical, he's seen it all.
Dan: Okay.
Elliott: And he's a girl.
Dan: Okay.
Elliott: So there's a romance.
Stuart: Like a, like an Eddie Murphy type?
Elliott: Exactly, yeah. You know, like Osmosis Jones.
Dan: It's like a bromance, but with girls.
Elliott: Wait—a gromance.

Elliott: I got a recommendation to make!
Dan: A real one?
Elliott: Sure!
Stuart: The sequel to Rocket Crocodile.
Elliott: It's called Rocket Crocodile Goes to the Past. He has to go to the Fifties—
Dan: Rocket to the Past.
Elliott: Rocket—no. Rocket Crocodile has to go to the Fifties to get his parents together, because otherwise he won't be born.
Dan: And to write "Rocket Around the Clock".