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Oh God, just, so good. Worth going to Dan's house for.
It is Elliott's dream to one day become famous enough that Popeyes will pay him in chicken to appear in their commercials. (Episode 51: X-Men Origins: Wolverine @28:30)
Elliott's fingers are often said to be covered in Popeyes grease, most notably in the Flop House Slash Fiction.


­Popeyes restaurant is named after Popeye Doyle, let's just get that straight.
       —Elliott @44:55
­The name Popeye did not come from the spinach-eating cartoon character but from the hard-nosed film detective Popeye Doyle in The French Connection.
       —The New York Times, Al Copeland, a Restaurateur Known for Spice and Speed, Dies at 64,
Martin Douglas, 25 March 2008

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­My dream one day is to be famous enough to do an ad for Popeyes and have them pay me in chicken.
       —Elliott @28:35

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