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Many cineastes have a favorite theater. Dan's preferred venue appears to be onboard a commercial airliner.
In-flight entertainment
12 Years a Slave (2013) by Steve McQueen
­I did once watch 12 Years a Slave on a plane, because I knew that I was not gonna watch otherwise. I was like: 'This movie is gonna make me too upset otherwise. So the best time to watch it will be when I'm literally strapped into my seat.'
       —Episode 174: That Awkward Moment @59:45
Arthur (2011) by Jason Winer
­That's a movie I would recommend watching on a plane.
       —Episode 86: The Happiest Millionaire @51:50
CHIPS (2017) by Dax Shepard
Episode 245: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III @1:19:50
Chronicle (2012) by Josh Trank
New York→Italy
Episode 106: Immortals @54:00
Crazy Stupid Love (2011) by Dan Fogelman
New York↔Las Vegas
Episode 98: In Time @58:45
The Golden Compass (2007) by Chris Weitz
­I would recommend The Golden Compass as an airplane movie, because it put me right to sleep.
       —Episode 14: Bratz @46:00
Logan Lucky (2017) by Steven Soderbergh
New York→Illinois
Episode 248: Bright @1:57:55
National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) by Jon Turteltaub
­And let me tell you—you know, on the flip side—if you're going to watch a movie on a plane that gonna keep you paying attention the whole time... I'm not saying it's a great movie. I'm not even gonna say it's a good movie, necessarily. But I was so entertained by Book of Secrets.
       —Episode 14: Bratz @48:15
Real Steel (2011) by Shawn Levy
New York↔Las Vegas
Episode 98: In Time @57:55
Tower Heist (2011) by Brett Ratner
New York↔Las Vegas
Episode 98: In Time @57:25