Known FactsEdit

  • Works as a writer on The Daily Show with Dan and Elliott
  • Has seen Elliott without his shirt on while he ate barbecue
  • Is disappointed that Stu is off the market now that he's married
  • Resides in Hollywood East
  • Staunch feminist
  • Friends with Kirstie Alley
  • Lived in an attic like Anne Frank in her childhood home
  • Doesn't think Barbara Streisand is all that, looks-wise
  • If she were one of the Seven Dwarfs, she'd be "Girly" or "Sneezy".
  • Confuses Nick Nolte and Gary Busey
  • Has what Dan refers to as "Tiny Elf Feet"
  • The only movie she has ever walked out on is Searching for Bobby Fischer. Episode 162: The Quiet Ones @38:20
  • Is a "bayou babe." Episode 183: Left Behind @03:25
  • Is the purported "Star of The Flop House"
  • Is known as the Fourth Peach, the Fifth Beatle, and the First Lady of Motown.


  • ­If anyone has the chance to watch a horror movie with Hallie, go ahead and do it. Maybe it will be the prize in a contest or something.
         —Elliott, Episode 190: Ouija @18:05

Guest Host OfEdit

Filled in for Elliott in January 2014, during his paternity leave.
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