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Best Commercial for T.G.I. Fridays Disguised as a Movie
Awarded To  Zookeeper


"In this episode we discuss Untitled Kevin James Animal Pratfall Project...okay, it's called Zookeeper."

Movie Summary[]


A man who thinks he can talk to animals going slowly insane. That, or, per guest host Hallie Haglund–"he has to be a total fucking idiot."


Kindhearted Griffin Keyes is one of the best-loved caretakers at the Franklin Park Zoo, but since he is more comfortable with the animals than with females of his own species, his love life is lacking. When Griffin decides that the only way to get a girlfriend is to find a more-glamorous career, the animals panic. To keep him from leaving, they reveal their secret ability to talk and offer to teach him the rules of courtship, animal style.

Final Judgments[]

  • Movie I Kinda Liked (Elliott) @43:10
  • between Good-Bad and Movie I Kinda Liked (Dan) @43:45
  • Good-Bad Movie (Hallie) @44:55

Episode Highlights[]


  • Restaurant/Meal Idea: TGIFFPOANG–Thank God It's Friday For People Only And No Gorillas.
    • As opposed to the real life TGI Fridays restaurant, where there's dancing, pool tables, and even a gorilla can get laid by human ladies.

Movie Pitches[]


  • ­So, finally we have a Flop House that's all writers for The Daily Show.
           —Elliott @04:05
  • ­Dan likes to state the lyrics of songs as if that's a joke. Now, I do it too, but when I do it, I don't get mad at myself. That's the main difference. 'Cause I'm a hypocrite.
           —Elliott @12:10

Listener Mail[]


"Attention Bully-ee" from Anthony J. Drexel-Biddle @46:05
"Overrated Directors" from John Lastnamewithheld @49:20
Back to the Future @53:50
Just One of the Guys @54:00, 1:01:25
The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure @54:05
The Invisible Maniac @54:05
"A Warning About Elliott" from Jordan Lastnamewithheld @55:45
  • Elliott is revealed to be a serial killer


  • Red State (2011) by Kevin Smith (Dan) @58:55
Dan: He [Kevin Smith] was always lazy and has only gotten lazier in recent years.
Elliott: Wait, the man who does public appearances in a bathrobe is too lazy?
  • Sh! The Octopus (1937) by William McGann (Elliott) @1:00:05
  • Dangerous Beauty (1998) by Marshall Herskovitz (Hallie) @1:01:35


Elliott and Hallie provide the traditional Words that Sound Like Other Words section of the podcast with along an infant-noise theme. List of the words provided below:
Baby, boo boo, ba ba, Bordello of Blood, Baby Got Back, Goo goo,
beep boop, beep boop bop ga ga goo goo baby robot

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