Best Commercial for T.G.I. Fridays Disguised as a Movie
Awarded To  Zookeeper


"In this episode we discuss Untitled Kevin James Animal Pratfall Project... okay, it's called Zookeeper."

Movie SummaryEdit


A man who thinks he can talk to animals going slowly insane. That, or, per guest host Hallie Haglund - "he has to be a total fucking idiot."


Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Movie I Kinda Liked (Elliott) @43:10
  • between Good-Bad and Movie I Kinda Liked (Dan) @43:45
  • Good-Bad Movie (Hallie) @44:55

Episode HighlightsEdit


  • Restaurant/Meal Idea: TGIFFPOANG -Thank God It's Friday For People Only And No Gorillas.
    • As opposed to the real life TGI Fridays restaurant, where there's dancing, pool tables, and even a gorilla can get laid by human ladies.

Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­So, finally we have a Flop House that's all writers for The Daily Show.
         —Elliott @04:05
  • ­Dan likes to state the lyrics of songs as if that's a joke. Now, I do it too, but when I do it, I don't get mad at myself. That's the main difference. 'Cause I'm a hypocrite.
         —Elliott @12:10

Listener MailEdit


"Attention Bully-ee" from Anthony J. Drexel-Biddle @46:05
"Overrated Directors" from John Lastnamewithheld @49:20
Back to the Future @53:50
Just One of the Guys @54:00, 1:01:25
The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure @54:05
The Invisible Maniac @54:05
"A Warning About Elliott" from Jordan Lastnamewithheld @55:45
  • Elliott is revealed to be a serial killer


  • Red State (2011) by Kevin Smith (Dan) @58:55
    • Dan: "He [Kevin Smith] was always lazy and has only gotten lazier in recent years."

Elliott: "Wait, the man who does public appearances in a bathrobe is too lazy?"

  • Shh! The Octopus (1937) by Director (Elliott) @1:00:05
  • Dangerous Beauty (1998) by Director (Hallie) @1:01:35


Elliott and Hallie provide the traditional Words that Sound Like Other Words section of the podcast with along an infant-noise theme. List of the words provided below:
Baby, boo boo, ba ba, Bordello of Blood, Baby Got Back, Goo goo,
beep boop, beep boop bop ga ga goo goo baby robot

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