Worst Picture

2007 Golden Raspberry

Awarded To  I Know Who Killed Me
Worst Remake or Rip-off

2007 Golden Raspberry

Awarded To  I Know Who Killed Me
Note  Rip-off of Hostel, Saw and The Patty Duke Show
Worst Director

2007 Golden Raspberry

Awarded To  Chris Sivertson
For  I Know Who Killed Me
Worst Actress

2007 Golden Raspberry

Awarded To  Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan
For  I Know Who Killed Me
Note  (tie)
Worst Screenplay

2007 Golden Raspberry

Awarded To  I Know Who Killed Me


"Just in time for Christmas, it's our Lindsay Lohan-is-an-amputee-stripper episode. We discuss I Know Who Killed Me."

Official Show NotesEdit

"Daily Show segment producer and Metro columnist Elliott Kalan joins us, to discuss Lindsay Lohan's tour de force dual performance as a girl and another, slightly sluttier girl, in I Know Who Killed Me. Meanwhile, Stuart discusses decorating plans for his evidence dungeon, Dan mentions a lost Neil Simon play that should stay lost, and Elliott fills us in on the life and works of Art Bell." 

Movie SummaryEdit



Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott)
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart)
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan)

Episode HighlightsEdit

Dan, Stuart, and GUEST HOST Elliott Kalan have a shockingly good time discussing a movie where Lindsay Lohan goes a little blue.

Dan, long before being named Pervazoid #1, goes on a long rant about how there just isn't enough nudity in movies. Lousy strippers who never strip. Stu drops some knowledge about how gentlemen's clubs actually are.

Elliott makes a terrible #2 joke. As in, the movie was a piece of shit. Get it?

We learn about how Stuart is worried that if someone comes into his apartment that they might think it is an evidence dungeon.

Elliott declares that the movie COULD be considered good by critics had it been in a foreign language. Plot holes would be egnimatic mysteries, and the use of the color blue to be bold and (according to Dan) "rich".

Did I already mention that they wished there was more nudity in movies. I mean, it's not like Stuart needs to see Lindsay Lohan's butthole or anything, but she DOES play a stripper.

An early sample of Dan's accent where he says "Lohan" different than everyone else. Because he IS different.


Movie PitchesEdit



  • The Bedroom Window (1987) by Curtis Hanson (Dan) @41:40
  • Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell (1968) by Hajime Satô (Elliott) @43:55
  • I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) by Melvyn LeRoy (Elliott) @44:20
  • Murder Party (2007) by Jeremy Saulnier (Stuart) @40:40

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