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Audio Note
"Elliott's microphone appears to have had some problem with it during the early part of this episode, but keep listening, as we do eventually [@17:15] fix the problem. Our apologies for the technical difficulties."


"Shocktober continues, and so does our love affair with Nicolas Cage, as we talk about Season of the Witch."

Movie Summary[]


Fourteenth century knights transport a suspected witch to a monastery, where monks deduce her powers could be the source of the Black Plague.


  • ­It's rare that I say about a movie: it would have been better without all the demon stuff in it.
           —Elliott @25:05

His faith broken by many years fighting in the Crusades, a knight named Behman returns to Europe and finds it ravaged by the Black Plague. A dying cardinal orders Behman and his friend, Felson, to take an accused witch to a remote abbey, where monks will destroy her powers and end the pestilence. As Behman and five comrades undertake the dangerous journey, they come to realize that the prisoner is no ordinary girl, and evil forces await at the destination.

Better Than[]

  • Bangkok Dangerous
  • Knowing

Worse Than[]

  • Drive Angry
  • Next
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice

Final Judgments[]

  • Frighteningly Snorifying (Stuart) @31:15
  • agreed (Elliott) @32:55
  • agreed (Dan) @33:25

Episode Highlights[]


Movie Pitches[]


  • ­Kwisatz Haderach.
           —Stuart @05:30
  • ­... and that's the end of Season of the Witch.
           —Elliott @17:15
  • ­Dan, can you earmark this episode as our Emmy submission episode?
           —Elliott @20:20

Listener Mail[]


"YouTube" Kristin @40:35

Chopin Goatables

Dan and Stu's Pre-Show Fights @45:10, 46:55


  • The Frighteners (1996) by Peter Jackson (Dan) @59:30
  • Island of Lost Souls (1932) by Erle C. Kenton (Elliott) @1:00:00