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"In this episode, we return to the Nicolas Cage well that never runs dry: we discuss Drive Angry.
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Movie Summary[]

Knee Injuries
John Milton (Nicolas Cage) blasts a guy with a shotgun in the right knee, and then threatens to blow off the other one. @02:45

Later, after another guy gets kneecapped during a gun battle, The Accountant (William Fichtner) jabs a knife into that dude's kneehole. Again, the right knee. @1:01:45


  • Nicolas Cage
  • Amber Heard
  • William Fichtner


Nicolas Cage escapes from Hell in a muscle car, in order to track down the satanic cult which killed his daughter and kidnapped his infant granddaughter.


Thrown into hell for his crimes, brutal felon John Milton escapes from the fiery pit after cultists murder his daughter and take her baby. Intent on rescuing the child, Milton joins forces with a waitress, who gives him her ex-lover's fire-red muscle car. In it, the two pursue the cult leader, who plans to sacrifice the infant and unleash hell on Earth. However, the hunters become the hunted when Satan sends his merciless henchman to drag Milton back.

Better Than[]

Worse Than[]

Final Judgments[]

  • Movie I Kinda Liked (Elliott) @31:25
  • Movie I Kinda Liked (Dan) @31:40
  • Movie I Kinda Liked (Stuart) @32:40

Episode Highlights[]

Movie Pitches[]


Listener Mail[]

"We Hate Movies" from Eric Lastnamewithheld @33:45
We Hate Movies podcast


  • Castle Freak (1995) by Stuart Gordon (Stuart) @50:45
  • Make-Out with Violence (2008) by Deagol Brothers (Dan) @Time
  • The Edge (1997) by Lee Tamahori (Dan) @Time
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) by Stephen Chiodo (Stuart) @Time
  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) by Werner Herzog (Elliott) @Time
  • Gun Crazy (1950) by Joseph H. Lewis (Elliott) @Time

Mentioned In[]

  • ­Any time you have Nicolas Cage in a movie, you're really hoping you get a Crazy Cage. Not like, kinda, the sad Drive Angry 3D Nicolas Cage.
           —Stuart, Episode 117: Seeking Justice @38:25