"At the request of our contest winner, we discuss Teen Witch."

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Remember back in the 80's when there were teen witches everywhere?

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An unpopular high schooler turns 16 and suddenly gains powers of witchcraft, that she uses to indulge her petty and vainglorious desires.


  • There was much talk about how much teenage girl leg was shown in this movie. Like, a LOT of talk.
  • A complete time capsule of 1989. This moves into a short discussion of High School Musical.

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Totally Scarifying Boners (Stuart) @34:15
  • It's Shocktober, but they mostly forget what the categories are. They pick scarifyingly good, they think. They didn't hate the movie.
  • Stuart goes on a long, long rant, trying to rate the movie either by Wormy Apples or Boners (perhaps leading to the creation of Wormy Boners ?) He considers rating it 4 boners, but Elliott is confused as to have you could have more than 1 boner at a time. Elliott states that if he gets one boner per movie, the movie is doing pretty good at being erotic. Stuart refuses to say the scale of the Boner rating system, saying that people have to guess how many boners Stuart would THINK is a good movie. Elliott still is confused, but Dan maybe/kinda sides with Stuart. In the end, Stuart says the movie is scarifying.

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  • Amazingly, a Flophouse Contest actually had a winner, and the winner picked this movie for the crew to flopperize.


  • The Original Peaches (called the 'Classic Flavors' by Dan ) back together for the first time in a while. They were off, fighting over the direction of the podcast. Stuart wanted the show to be more about watching porn, and then masturbating as a group. Dan said that they tried it, once, but it didn't work out great. Dan had trouble finishing, but Stu had to keep thinking about baseball and baseball stats to keep from finishing to early. Elliott goes into gory detail about how he has to think about a potato chip advertisement at Yankee Stadium to delay his finish.
  • Femaliens @13:00

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A diner staffed by crocodiles. The problem is, once you get over the fact that the staff is all crocodiles, the food isn't that great.


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  • The Invisible Maniac (1990) by Adam Rifkin (Stuart)
  • Poltergeist (1982) by Tobe Hooper (Dan)
  • S&man (2006) by J. T. Petty (Elliott)
  • Son of Frankenstein (1939) by Rowland V. Lee (Elliott)
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