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  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers as "Bad Mustache John"
  • John Travolta as "Doughy, Bald John"

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  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers has a "very unbelievable" American accent.
  • John(athan Seymour) Travolta is too fat to be believable as an action star. Stuart feels pity for the stuntman who had to strap on a fat suit and run around on the rooftops.
  • The love story of the movie is clearly the one between Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the "straight" man) and John Travolta.
  • Travolta's character is extremely unlikeable, but he's supposed to be charming

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Elliott: Bad-Bad movie. He'd rather watch Tango & Cash 100 times.

Stuart: The best movie he's ever seen. No, it was terrible. He'd rather watch Event Horizon, which is 1/3 of a good movie and has Larry Fishburne in it.

Dan: He rips his own eyes out. Where he's going, he won't need eyes.

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  • Farting In Bed: A Terrorist Story A terrorist woman is forced to have a romance with a boorish embassy official for year after year as hilarious delays keep them from carrying out their plan. Elliott's version of the poster would be "FIB". But then people might think it's about lying.
  • The Munsters That Actually Kill People or Munsters 3D (@50:30)


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