"Gerard Butler month continues. We discuss The Ugly Truth."

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Repeat Flop House offenders Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl team up in The Ugly Truth, a terrible romantic comedy that Stuart really, really wanted us to watch for some reason. Maybe because he's just an ol' softie! Meanwhile, Elliott pitches his new hit tragicomedy Bad Date, Stuart reveals his NBC sitcom holodeck fantasy, and Dan uses the word "whack" as in "out of whack" but is still mercilessly made fun of by his co-hosts as if he was trying to get gangsta.

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  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @34:45
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @35:30
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @38:40

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This is the episode with the famous Night Court tangent. (@44:10)
A terrible movie starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.


Dan: We thought we could handle the slash fiction. But the one piece of slash fiction that we got, it was like the ending of Y Tu Mamá También: once they have the three-way and the two young men have a sexual experience with one another, they could not be friends anymore. Much in the same way, just reading a slash fiction piece with the three of us —
Stuart: We couldn't be lovers anymore.
Elliott: Yeah, our sexual relationship had to end.
Dan: Strictly business from now on, guys.
Elliott: Yeah, Strictly Ballroom from now on.

Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­All right, guys. Settle down.
         —Dan @04:20
  • ­For God's sake, let me finish one sentence!
         —Dan @27:05
  • The gang goes on their Night Court tangent @44:10

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"The Flop House Doesn't Have a Tagline" from Dion Lastnamewithheld @41:40
Cyclops / Leonardo @43:50
"Dan the Memorable Man" from Brian Lastnamewithheld @46:10
Stuart's Penis @47:15


  • House of the Devil (2009) by Ti West (Stuart) @51:15
  • Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003) by Thom Andersen (Elliott) @54:15
  • World's Greatest Dad (2009) by Bobcat Goldthwait (Dan) @52:10