"Dybbuk, schmybbuk — pass the ham. We talk about The Unborn."

Official Show NotesEdit

"Flop House's annual SHOCKTOBER celebration begins with the only horror movie we can think of featuring a dybbuk: The Unborn. Perhaps writer/director David Goyer should have learned the old vaudeville lesson-words with a K are funny (not scary). Meanwhile Stuart reveals his complete ignorance of celebrity scandals, Elliott shows how he passed the bar in Ape Law, and Dan admits we basically choose movies based on whether they have a panty shot in the poster."

Movie SummaryEdit


Only 88 minutes long (unlike the movie 88 Minutes), featuring a demon and a men's room gloryhole.


  • @07:40
Stuart: So she finds out that this old lady at this old folks home is her grandma, and her grandma tells her this crazy story that — about the Holocaust. I wasn't paying that much attention to that part.
Elliott: When she — her — this old lady, she —
Dan: "... crazy story about the Holocaust..." Let's make it clear that Stuart is not Holocaust-denying.
Elliott: This crazy story about a holocaust of some kind? Whatever!
  • ­I assumed it was about an aborted baby that wanted to live and was coming back for revenge. It is not. It is saying: you should abort your children, because they will be evil.
         —Elliott @25:45

Better ThanEdit

  • Mirrors @30:05
    Stuart still doesn't understand the ending of Mirrors. @30:10

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Frighteningly Funny (Stuart) @31:10
  • A little Snorifying with some Frighteningly Funny parts (Dan) @31:30
  • Frighteningly Funny (Elliott) @32:35

Episode HighlightsEdit



  • ­Freud would say every dream has a sexual element. But he was a pervert.
         —Elliott @26:45
  • ­Wait, Phil Hartman died? I gotta start reading these celebrity newspapers, huh guys?
         —Stuart @27:45
  • ­It is the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters and I've been celebrating it all year.
         —Elliott @40:35

Listener MailEdit


"Here Comes Peter Floppentail" from Colin Lastnamewithheld @34:05


  • Brainscan (1994) by John Flynn (Stuart) @44:50
  • His Kind of Woman (1951) by John Farrow, Richard Fleischer (Elliott) @40:50
  • I'll Believe You (2006) by Paul Francis Sullivan (Dan) @43:00
  • Splinter (2008) by Toby Wilkins (Dan) @42:00