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"John Cena and Renny Harlin? All hail the bad movie gods. We watched 12 Rounds."

Official Show Notes[]

"Dan was out of town this weekend, so he didn't have time to write full show notes for this episode, but he did have time to post it, and HERE IT IS!"

Movie Summary[]



The plot culminates in an epic confrontation involving helicopters and hand-to-hand combat. Who shall prevail?
­As Stuart pointed out, I think: will it be the tiny villain with very thin arms, or will it be John Cena, who–as you pointed out, Dan–is a golem?
       —Elliott @11:10

Better Than[]

  • ­­I never thought I'd be watching a movie and say: I miss the clockwork plotting and sharply-drawn characters of 12 Rounds'– a movie which is mainly John Cena destroying the parts of New Orleans that Katrina didn't get to. [...] 12 Rounds looks like a really good movie next to this.
           —Elliott, Episode 142: Getaway @12:10

Final Judgments[]

  • Good-Bad Movie (Stuart) @38:30
  • between Good-Bad Movie and A Movie I Kinda Liked (Dan) @39:20
  • between Good-Bad Movie and A Movie I Kinda Liked (Elliott) @40:10

Episode Highlights[]


  • ­Tom Bombadil.
           —Elliott @13:05
  • ­Read your Torah, people.
           —Elliott @19:25



  • The Devil's Candy: The Anatomy Of A Hollywood Fiasco (book) by Julie Salamon (Elliott) @54:05
  • Mindhunters (2004) by Renny Harlin (Stuart) @51:15
  • Something Wild (1986) by Jonathan Demme (Dan) @53:00

Mentioned In[]

Devil's Pass and 12 Rounds were both directed by Renny Harlin, but only 12 Rounds stars a mudman rampaging through N'awlins. (Stuart @05:05)