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Dan: On this episode we discuss Grand Isle.
Elliott: Also known as Accents: The Movie.

Official Show Notes[]

Is it Cagemas already? Seems like it comes earlier every year. At any rate, Saint Nicolas Cage has left us something awfully spicy beneath the tree this year. It’s a giant slice of deep-fried southern ham, with big performances from Cage, KaDee Strickland, and Money Plane‘s Kelsey Grammer. Dare you join us for a visit to Grand Isle?

Movie Summary[]


Walter and his neglected wife lure a young stranger into their Victorian home to escape from a hurricane. When the man is charged with murder by Detective Jones, he must reveal the couple's wicked secrets to save himself.

Final Judgments[]

­Maybe it's not the most skillful example of this type of movie, but I have a real soft spot for web-of-sexual-intrigue, sweaty-southern-gothic, thriller/film noir... like, that gumbo as you put it earlier.
       —split between Kinda-Liked and Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @01:01:20

­It's that sort of thing where it's so over the top. The ending reveal twist is so over the top gross that it becomes funny because it's so ridiculous and horrible and like... why did they do this? No thank you.
       —(agreed with Dan) (Stuart) @01:02:40

­You can't add forced impregnation as a raspberry reduction at the end. So I felt like the whole movie I was like, "Ugh, this movie!" and then at the end it was like the movie was poking me in the eye.
       —Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @01:03:00

Episode Summary[]

  • Elliott vs Improv @00:30
  • The Tik-Tokification of Media @02:00
  • The Worst Idea of All Time @02:35
  • Dog Judges and Joker Dogs @03:10
  • Cagemas and Cage @04:30
  • Which X-Men are the Peaches and Cage? @05:10
  • [...]
  • Girl Scout Cookies @15:30
  • [...]
  • Stuart's Wedding to The Dark Souls franchise @22:40
  • [...]
  • Safety Violations at The Daily Show @25:40
  • [...]
  • Final Judgements @01:01:20
  • Ad Break @1:06:55
    • @1:09:20
    • Roald McDahlnalds
  • Letters @1:14:00
  • Recommendations @1:24:40
  • Farewells @1:34:45


Dan: Wow, Elliott Kalan's dismissing the concept of the Straight Man outright.
Elliott: No, no, no, no, Daniel. No, no, no, no. There's a different between a Straight Man and a character who —
Stuart: I think the Straight Man has had enough say in Hollywood, don't you think, Dan? Let's Hear It For the Boy? I think not!
Dan: ...What?
Elliott: Clapping hands emoji, clapping hands emoji, great.
— @01:15
Elliott: Dan, were you there — was this during your time at the Daily Show where there was a dartboard set up next to my head above my desk where — or was this before you joined?
Dan: I think by the time I got there it was in that little alcove —
Elliott: It was by the emergency exit, which was still not great.
Dan: It was by the emergency exit that was constantly filled with chairs [both laugh] such that the woman in charge of the space had to keep going back being like, "you can't put these chairs here."
— @25:55
Stuart: So yeah, Dan, you're like the Buddy in this situation, right? I can kinda see you as kinda that guy. You're like a guy who's good with his hands and —
Dan: uh.
Stuart: — you're just helping out, and then you get tricked or swindled into some kind of a homoerotic — not homoerotic. ...Well, maybe, I mean, there's some interesting —
Elliott: there's a little bit of that, I think.
Stuart: Yeah.
Dan: I see myself more as the sick baby.
— @29:20

Ad Break[]

Maximum Fun[]

  • Fanti @1:06:55
  • Stop Podcasting Yourself @1:07:35


  • Squarespace @1:08:15
  • Betterhelp @1:10:40

Listener Mail[]

Mailbag Song[]



  • "Help a Clueless Mom Learn About Comics!!!" @1:14:00
    • Introductory comics for young children?
    • Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and old reprints of EC horror comics (Dan) @1:15:10
    • Bone (Stuart, also Elliott)
    • Judd Winick's Hilo; ask your local librarian! Zita the Spacegirl [...] (Elliott)
    • Not Preacher, Faust, or Verotika (Elliott)
  • watching Santa Claus: The Movie with the flu and converting to Judaism from "Michael Imperioli" @1:20:45


  • Pig (2021) by Michael Sarnoski Dan would recommend, but won't because Stuart already did @1:24:50
  • Copshop (2021) by Joe Carnahan (Dan) @1:25:15
  • The Fable (2019) by Kan Eguchi (Stuart) @1:28:20
  • The Fable: The Killer Who Doesn't Kill (2021) by Kan Eguchi (Stuart) @1:28:20
  • Malcolm X (1992) by Spike Lee (Elliott) @1:29:20


Dan: Yep.
Stuart: Just uh, posting to Tik-tok of me fuckin' with Dan. [someone off mic: Wa-oh!]
Elliott: Stuart, you really live more online than in meatspace, now.
Stuart: The only meatspace I'm thinking about... is the one between Nicolas Cage's legs. [Stuart and Elliott laugh]
Dan: What the—? What? What?
Stuart: Uh, that's my first try. It's... I'm workshopping it.
Elliott: First try at what? I'm not sure what you're trying at.
Dan: a rasty[?] Nicolas Cage —
Stuart: — making, like, a horny Nicolas Cage joke.
Elliott: Oh I see, okay.
Dan: Alright, um.