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Dan: On this episode we discuss Verotika
Elliott: The movie that shows that Glen Danzig's a double threat; musician and crazy person

Official Show Notes[]

Please read…bear with us on this one—this was originally intended to be our Maximum Fun Drive episode, before the world exploded. So it may seem a little choppy in places, where we chopped out some fairly extensive MFD talk* (also there’s some minor equipment/audio interference toward the end—sorry). Thank you to our intrepid editor Jordan Kauwling for going above and beyond. Anyway, even though this would normally not be a full episode week, we thought we’d post it now anyway, to help keep folks’ spirits up, and if you’re wondering why we don’t even mention the GIANT GLOBAL PANDEMIC, it’s because we taped it before shit got real.
Anyway…OH WHAT AN EPISODE. We’re joined by screenwriter and Switchblade Sisters host, April Wolfe, to discuss Wolverine himself, Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut, Verotika—an anthology of “sexy” (?) horror tales. And this time we even managed to give April a working microphone!
Brief content warning: because this is an “erotic” horror movie by Danzig, there are some references to violence against women. Honestly, the movie is so incompetent that the awful stuff mostly seems ridiculous in context, but if any reference to that is upsetting, be aware (the episode keeps it to a minimum).
* As Jesse notes at the top of the show, the MFD has been postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, although members should have gotten information to access the bonus content for this year, including The Flop House’s “lost” episode on the movie Life (the Jake Gyllenhaal one, not the Eddie Murphy one), and a Judge John Hodgman where the learned judge adjudicates whether Elliott can drag Dan’s Twitter jokes. If you still want to become a member, you can go to and become a sponsoring member of the community at any time—during this pandemic we want to take care of yourselves first and foremost, (and probably second and third too). Then if you have anything extra, donate to disaster relief. But if you’re fortunate enough to have EXTRA extra, memberships do help keep Max Fun staffers and podcasters salaried, at this time when everyone is struggling, and help keep the network afloat.
Enough jabber! We love you all! Please stay safe and healthy, and we’re honored to be there with you while we all struggle through this, if only in your headphones.

Movie Summary[]


A horror anthology that compiles stories from Danzig's line of comic books of the same name. Stories which focus on horror content that's often sexual and violent in nature, usually featuring scantily-clad female protagonists.

Final Judgments[]

­If your director is not into it, and doesn’t really hold it together, then... yeah. It doesn’t always amount to much.
       — (April) @1:05:00
­"I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone see this movie [...] Like, the best thing I feel like I could say for it? In that area? Is it coulda been more hateful.
       — (Dan) @1:07:57
­Are we saying this is a bad-bad movie? I can say that? Bad-bad movie. I wouldn’t recommend it.
       —(Stuart) @1:09:36
­ I don’t think I would recommend it.
       —(Elliott) @1:10:03

Episode Highlights[]


  • Dan wants every movie to be like Mr. Payback @8:45
  • Kansas Bowling, actress and Switchblade Sisters guest @13:42
  • Brian Cox @14:20
  • Kramer-like neighbors @17:58
  • Nailing your possesions to the wall @40:41
  • Kraft singles for dinner @42:28
  • Verotika's horror host is worse than: The Cryptkeeper @49:39
  • Bath Tubs and Bidets @54:19
  • April's style icon, Anne Hathaway @1:16:46

Movie Pitches[]



­And I think that it’s interesting that he’s trying to bring back the anthology, considering that so many people already have. Like, it exists and it’s a big thing.
       —April @ 1:06:55
­At that time, Anne Hathaway was just like... poor man’s Maggie Gyllenhaal.
       —April @1:17:10
Elliott: It seems like the horror host’s main job is to introduce the story and kind of prepare you for what you’re about to see. But instead, she is is not available.
April: She’s also bored by them. At one point, she just goes, "well, that’s that".
Dan: Right. And I think one of the intros she just basically says, "well, here’s another one!"
April: In this she plays a role in the third, uh, in the third installment. The third... anthology? What do we call it? Is it a...
Stuart: You can’t call it a story. There’s not— [Multiple people laugh.] There’s not really a story.
Elliott: I guess we could call this a library of thrills?
­I guess what I’m saying is there is no moral reason this movie should exist? In any sense? Like, I’m not one for censorship, but if the government was like, we have to get every copy of this movie and burn it, I’d be like—well, if you gotta burn one movie
       —Elliott @24:24
Elliott: Now I imagine her, she gets a package of Kraft singles and she’s like, I don’t want all these right now. And nails them to the wall individually.
Stuart: No. Unlike a normal—like a non-murderer person, who buys a pack of Kraft singles and eats every single one in one sitting

Listener Mail[]

Mailbag Song[]

what if Glen Danzig did a song for... the letter segment? @1:12:06->1:13:00


Actors You Were Surprised To See Make It Big from Lex "Sci-fi channel show" @1:13:02
Favorite Examples Of Weird Fictional Lingo from Duncan "McCloud" @1:20:12


  • The Lawnmower Man (1992) by Brett Leonard (Dan) @1:25:55
  • The Lodge (2019) by Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz (Stuart) @1:28:56
  • First Cow (2019) by Kelly Reichardt (April) @1:30:02
  • The Farewell (2019) by Lulu Wang (Elliott) @1:30:57


Sammy: What's a bidet?
Elliott: A bidet–it's like a toilet that squirts water up your toosh–
Sammy: *laughs*
Elliott: –to clean you
Stuart: S-so April at this point thinking about the all like choices that have lead you here?

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