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Dan: On this episode we discuss Meatballs Part II
Stuart: Uhh we are reviewing a movie this week, not the food
Elliott: Not the second meatball of I assume three to four meatballs in your spaghetti plate, we apologize for any misunderstandings

Official Show Notes[]

We’re joined by the wonderful Sharlene Wellington, owner or partner in many lovely Brooklyn bars (also, she’s married to Stu). She wanted to discuss the 1984 summer camp comedy Meatballs Part II, and as three middle-aged men who were raised on dumb 80’s shit, who were we to argue? Meanwhile, Sharlene brings her Jewish summer camp experience to the fore, Elliott waxes poetic about making first contact, Stuart promises some future Baby Boomer rants, and Dan takes us on a trip through Meatballs history.

Movie Summary[]


Camp Sasquatch will be bought out and closed unless owner Coach Giddy wins the boxing competition scheduled for the end of the summer. Tough city punk Flash, who's performing his community service time at the camp, is the coach's best hope. Flash reluctantly offers to help and so must use his raw sparring talents to get a motley group of adolescent misfits into fighting shape, while also trying to win the heart of pretty Cheryl.

Final Judgments[]

  • Bad Bad Movie (Elliott) @ 1:24:38
  • Good Bad Movie (Sharlene) @1:26:12
  • Good Bad Movie (Stuart) @1:26:16
  • Mild Good Bad Movie (Dan) @1:26:36

Episode Highlights[]


  • David Kalan @0:50
  • Younger (2015) @2:29
  • Stuart's Version of a Pitch Pipe @11:55
  • Dan is sort of like Microchip or Oracle @16:35
  • Summer Camp Stories @24:47
    • Dan Drags Hometown of Eureka
    • Tri-State Jewish Summer Camp Experience @26:46
  • English-Speaking Aliens @38:35
  • Harry and The Hendersons @57:50
  • Weed-Smoking Aliens @1:01:20
  • Flash's inner monologue (Elliot and Dan) @1:05:20
  • Bear-Based Sex Farce @1:07:00
    • Elliott's Bear Story @1:08:03
  • "Pinnochios" as a Movie Grade @1:08:21
  • @1:32:20
  • Talespin @1:34:19
  • Elliott Put a Stick in the Turbine That Starts Up the Jumbotron @1:36:38
  • Stuart's spot-on Song of Ice and Fire Impressions 1:42:38
  • Explaining the concept of "Letters from Listeners" @1:44:00
  • "A Sarlacc Pit Ending" @1:53:00
  • A Theatre Production Elliot didn't see @1:57:03
  • Nudie Pens @1:59:53
  • Taco-Bell's canon @2:05:00


  • A bonus episode where Stuart trashes Baby Boomers @1:11:16
  • King Kong in Space
-Elliott @1:50:00


Stuart: *Introducing his wife* And, let's talk about the opposite of Ghoulies—
Elliott: I gave you a marriage segue, but instead you went with the Ghoulies segue.

­It was in 4th grade, where my teacher got mad at me because during recess I would stay in and read about, like, reptiles and shit. And she's like, "I wanna have my lunch without a fucking kid around."
       —Stuart @26:22

­Sharlene, you and I, I think we're on the same page on this one because we both, I think, had the Tri-State Jewish going-to-summer-camp experience, where you go because it's the only time you're gonna do outdoor things. And you try to run away, and eventually you get kicked out early 'cause you threw a rock through a window. We both had that experience, right?

Stuart: Elliott, why haven't you been naming your children "Batjack?"
Elliott: That's a good question. My guess is it's—actually, I dunno.
Sharlene: Do you think it's a Christian name?

­It made me nostalgic for the days when a movie didn't really have to have any content.
       —Elliott @1:37:26

Stuart: And Dan knew that I was gonna kill it in the summary portion of this podcast, and he's like, lets just keep feeding that beast!
Elliott: Lets keep the Stu times rolling!
Elliott: There was an athletic center that they used to have—
Stuart: —It's called a rec center.
Elliott: Oh, sorry, rec—but it was a sports club. It was an athletics club that they would have this community event—
Stuart: —Still possible to bulldoze it.
Elliott: Ok. No, it — oh is that the definition then? If it's bulldozable, it's a rec center?
Stuart: We'll solve this off air.


  • Howell Dawdy's new album, It's Gonna Stink @1:29:46
  • Squarespace @1:31:05
  • Z-Man Games' Pandemic: Rapid Response @1:33:55

Listener Mail[]

Mailbag Song[]



New Monster Romance Pitches? ... @1:45:27
  • Blow-up Godzilla sex-doll (Elliott)
  • Ye Olden Fantasy Times romance between an animated suit of armour and an ooze, jelly, or gelatinous cube (Stuart) @1:47:08
  • Gillman talk (Elliott & Stuart)
  • a grown up Gamera kid and a woman abducted by King Kong. "Why couldn't King Kong be an alien?" (Elliott)
  • Spider Gremlin and Tarman Zombie from Night of the Living Dead (Dan) @ 1:50:24
  • Lady Gremlin and Sweetums the Muppet (Sharlene) @1:51:21
  • "The Alien and the Predator both have weird mouths, but they seems like they'd be able to kiss each other." (Elliott) @1:53:33
  • Lady Cenobite and Bill Pullman from Mr. Wrong (Elliott)
Pieces of Culture That Weren't Actually Original ... @1:54:33
  • Songs that were actually Cover Songs (Stuart) @1:55:32
  • Pretty Woman (Sharlene) @1:56:47
  • "We don't need no stinking badges", Brewster's Millions (Elliot) 1:57:50
  • Simpsons references (Dan)
Playing the Flop House theme song at a wedding, in exchange for a pie ... @2:01:38
  • "The pie in question is in my fridge at this moment" (Dan)
  • "Is this the portion of the show where we eat pie?" (Sharlene)


  • Matinee (1993) by Joe Dante (Dan) @2:07:00
  • Midsommar (2019) by Ari Aster (Stuart) @2:09:31
  • The Sisters Brothers (2018) by Jacques Audiard (Elliott) @2:10:22
  • The Devil Wears Prada (2006) by David Frankel (Sharlene) @2:11:57


Elliott: Gabriel was eating all my mashed potatoes at dinner.
Stuart: Aw man, were you mad at him?
Elliott: I was gonna be but he's such a cutie. And also, I literally have to take the mashed potatoes on a fork and put the fork in his mouth and he eats them, so I could've stopped him.
Stuart: Yeah, you're part of the crime.
Elliott: Yeah, exactly, but I felt pressured by his cuteness
Stuart: *Simple Country Lawyer voice* Well, I say, I say, this baby can't be convicted for the crime of stealing mashed potatoes
Elliott: I'd like to hear from the defendant. "Ba ba ba ba ba ba" Uh... yeah.
Stuart: *continued voice* My case rests, your honor!
Elliott: Would the court reporter read that back please? "Uh? Ba ba ba ba ba ba"

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