"On this episode we explore our feminine side — the romantic comedy 27 Dresses."

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"It's the 27th episode, and we're discussing 27 Dresses. Coincidence? Yes. We're neither that clever nor that well-planned. But enjoy as our chick flick discussion leads us to make several lazy jokes based on gender stereotypes that we don't believe, because we are also hacks. Meanwhile, Stuart does his Josh Brolin impression, Elliott gives a fun fact about Japanese brides, and an innocent remark by Dan turns into a horrifying sexual come-on."

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  • Good-Bad Movie (Stuart) @32:40
  • punt (Dan) @33:00
  • punt (Elliott) @34:30

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  • Elliott explains his signature martial arts move "The Liberator" @03:15
  • The Happenage @04:15
  • Luc Besson stole from Captain Planet for The Fifth Element. @20:15

Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­This is what I missed: Whenever you say 'I don't know about you guys...' and then you say the craziest thing in the world.
         —Elliott @07:55
  • ­She's got great boobs, man. I mentioned it like five times while we were watching it.
         —Stuart @23:10
  • @35:10
Dan: Wait, are you telling me that ladies can like good movies that aren't about weddings or romance?
Elliott: I guess what I'm saying is: anybody can like any movie. And we shouldn't judge people by their gender.
Dan: Surely not.
Elliott: Well, yes. That's the secret surprise message of this episode of The Flop House.
Stuart: What the fuck?
Elliott: And this is coming from a guy who —
Dan: Go forth and spread it.
Stuart: What?! Did you just tell me to "spread it"? What the fuck, dude?! We're on the air here, dude!
Elliott: This is a very, a very surprise ending of Flop House — it ends in an anal rape, I guess...
Stuart: Jesus Christ!
Dan: I didn't say "spread them."
Stuart: Elliott, help me out here!
Elliott: Listen: I, yeah, I don't want to be involved.
Stuart: Well fuckin' stop him at least!
Elliott: Dan, I'm very surprised.
Stuart: Goddamn it, Dan!
Elliott: I'm very surprised. And it's not even "get him" but "spread him"!
Dan: I didn't say... I said "spread it"!
Stuart: You said "spread it", which is worse! Oh my god, dude! Jesus!
Elliott: That's horrific!
Stuart: Aw, man!

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