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"On this episode of The Flop House we discuss Wild Hogs. It's like City Slickers, with twice as much leather."

Official Show Notes[]

We're joined by comedian and writer Ritch Duncan to talk about Wild Hogs, the movie that posits that middle aged actors on motorcycles is inherently funny. Meanwhile, Elliott does his scarily accurate Ray Liotta laugh, Dan delves into John Travolta's tortured psyche, and Ritch proposes a Bruce Springsteen simile that perfectly sums up The Flop House."

Movie Summary[]


A group of suburban biker wannabes looking for adventure hit the open road, but get more than they bargained for when they encounter a New Mexico gang called the Del Fuegos.


Frustrated with their lives, four middle-aged men decide to hit the open road and embark on a motorcycle road trip to California. Trouble strikes when they run into the Del Fuegos, a fierce biker gang, and a series of unfortunate incidents leave the Wild Hogs on the run from the Del Fuegos in New Mexico. Do they have what it takes to stand up to their pursuers?

Final Judgements[]

  • Bad bad movie. Did not create characters. "It was no Bratz Movie." (Elliott) @Time
  • Bad comedy cliches make this a good bad movie for comedy people. But the lack of fart jokes at the chili festival makes it a bad bad movie. (Dan) @Time
  • Good bad movie. Like getting a chance to meet Bruce Springsteen, but he's slamming your hand in a desk drawer five or six times. (Rich) @Time

Episode Highlights[]


Dan, Elliott and Rich Duncan, bad comedy specialist of the Flophouse.

Stuart's scorpion belt buckle is described ("Imagine a scorpion paperweight...") and discussed.

"Pardon me while I belch." "It's a regular Algonquin round table here at the Flophouse."

Wild Hogs is one of the most star-studded movies the floppers tackled.

"Gay Stuart Wellington" is a search term that brought someone to the podcast.

Movie Pitches[]

Gay Panic: a 1960s thriller about a bomb being set off that would turn everyone gay, starring Walter Matthau and Bruce Dern. Ernest Borngnine as the leader of the gay terrorists ("He was terrible."–Dan)

An alternate Jaws 2 in which there is no shark, just Roy Scheider with PTSD.

Elliott re-imagines the opening of Wild Hogs: Four guys who are friends, lamenting how boring their lives are, and then one sees four motorcycles for sale across the street at the motorcycle warehouse. "Come on guys!"


­If you were wondering if William H. Macy shits in the forest, the answer is yes.


  • The Naked Jungle (1954) by Byron Haskin by Dan @Time
  • The Bank Job (2008) by Roger Donaldson by Dan @Time
  • The Honeymoon Killers (1970) by Leonard Kastle, Donald Volkman by Elliott @Time
  • Cronos (1993) by Guillermo del Toro by Ritch @Time
    • ­How many times have I told you people I don't want this show to be a referendum on me defending the film Mimic?