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Dan: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Cagemas! What has Nicolas Cage brought us this year? Why, it's The Trust!
Elliott: And a happy Cagukkah!

Official Show Notes[]

"Cagemas comes but once a year. Will Saint Nicolas Cage bring us something glorious or another lump of coal for our cinematic stockings? We discuss The Trust. Meanwhile, Stuart reveals his testicle-based library habits, Elliott explores Paul Verhoeven's love for California Dreams, and Dan solos on the hot sax."

Movie Summary[]


Corrupt cops working in the police department evidence room make plans to rob a vault full of drug money in the back of a convenience store.


Final Judgments[]

  • Movie he kinda likes (Dan) @
  • Also a movie he kinda likes (Stuart) @56:22
  • Also kinda liked (Elliott) @56:31

Episode Highlights[]


Movie Pitches[]


  • ­Dan, I've come unstuck in time! A minute ago, I was 60 years old and I was in a space cage! And then, two minutes ago, I was a toddler. So I…what time is it? What year is it? Where am I?
           —Elliott @03:00
  • ­I like this new anecdote-based direction this podcast is headed.
           —Dan @07:00
Elliott: Let's make one thing clear. I feel like we've talked about this a lot on the podcast, but we should reiterate it. This is not an ironic appreciation of Nicolas Cage.
Dan: Yeah. We're not making one of those shirts that has a bunch of faces of Nicolas Cage on it, that you can wear to your fuckin' Williamsburg bar, you hipster shit!
Stuart: (I think I have one of those.)
Elliott: You asshole! With your Hanksy graffiti, with your celebrity puns! Ya piece of garbage! You know what? Bring a garbage bag to throw this piece of shit in it, dump it in the ocean!
Stuart: Yeah, why don't you climb on top of your giant-wheeled velocipede and ride off into a toxic waste hill, so you can become Toxie!

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"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time


  • Hello or High Water (2016) by David Mackenzie (Stuart) @90 minutes
  • Elle (2016) by Paul Verhoeven (Dan) @Time
  • Outcast of the Islands (1951) by Carol Reed (Elliott) @Time