Episode 20: 10,000 BC
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10,000 BC (2008)
Director  Roland Emmerich
Running Time  109 minutes
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Hosts  Dan, Stuart, Elliott
Date Published  21 July 2008
Podcast Time  54 minutes
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THE measuring stick for movies that bored the shit out of The Floppers.

Notable for the European-panderingly low levels of prehistoric nudity.

In the movie, they call Mammoths "Mannics", and if that sounds like a great idea to you, then by all means, watch this movie.


"On this special unedited episode of The Flop House we take a trip, in our shitty-movie time machine, back to 10,000 BC."

Official Show NotesEdit

"If you like CGI mammoths, have we got the film for you! Otherwise, you're pretty much on your own. Also, this podcast is unedited. Why? Because sometimes Dan has too many other things to do to worry about cutting these things (or writing actual show notes). But he still gets the episodes out on time! We think you'll notice very little difference (which suggest that Dan has been wasting a lot of time)."

Movie SummaryEdit



Worse ThanEdit

­Let me tell you: the fact that every movie we've seen since the Bratz movie has not been as good or fun as the Bratz movie is insane.
     —Elliott @30:25

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @31:45
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @32:45
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @33:20

Episode HighlightsEdit


Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­What was that movie where Wesley Snipes kills the President?
         —Stuart @15:00
  • ­I am so sick of genitalia!
         —Dan (in a French accent) @19:20

Listener MailEdit

Mailbag SongEdit



"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time


  • The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943) by Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger (Elliott) @40:45
  • Sunshine (2007) by Danny Boyle (Dan) @41:15
  • The Tripper (2006) by David Arquette (Stuart) @39:20
  • Wall-E (2008) by Andrew Stanton (Elliott) @36:55

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