Dan: On this episode of the podcast we discuss Pay the Ghost.
Stuart: Who's in that movie, Dan?
Dan: Why, one Nic—olas—Cage.
Stuart: That means it's Cagemas in July!
Zhubin: Yay! ["Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa]…I mean ["Freeze Frame" by the J. Geils Band]… No, I mean, uh, uh…["Deck the Halls"]…
Stuart: Yeah!
Zhubin: I got it. I nailed it.
Stuart: Nailed it in one.

Official Show NotesEdit

"Zhubin Parang joins us for the fourth most magical time on the Flop House calendar: Cagemas in July! It's also time for the political conventions, so more extensive show notes are canceled while Dan jets off to Cleveland and Philly."

Movie SummaryEdit



Final JudgmentsEdit

  • A Movie I Kinda Like (Dan) @56:15
  • Bad-Bad (Stuart) @57:00
  • A Movie I Kinda Like (Zhubin) @57:35

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Movie PitchesEdit

Officer Doctor
A New York City cop who is also a practicing physician. @22:40


  • ­When you were a kid, you saw and talked to ghosts all the time, you know? But somewhere along the way, the money kind of just took your attention away from all that, you know?
         —Zhubin @27:30
  • ­It's The Big Short of haunted children.
         —Zhubin @29:45
  • ­If you like a bloody Snuffleupagus
         —Stuart @1:12:45

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Listener MailEdit



"I Want Some Dicks and Man Ass." from Fullnamewithheld @1:09:30
Zhubin: There's no peen in the Magic Mike movies?
Stuart: There's no peen in the Magic Mike movies.

If you want to see peen, I don't know, watch Shame so you can see Michael Fassbender's weenis.

Dan: Yeah. Fassbender. That was going to be my top recommendation.
Stuart: Top pick to watch a man go through the struggle of coping with sexual addiction?
Dan: Yeah, it's a little sad. If you want to watch something sexy, I don't know if it's...
Stuart: Yeah, watch Hollow Man so you can see Kevin Bacon's half-invisible weiner.
"Movies You Showed to Your Parents That Went Worse Than Expected" from R.P. @1:14:45
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time


  • Finding Dory (Year) by Director (Dan) @Time
  • The Granny (1995) by Luca Bercovici (Stuart) @Time
  • Weiner (2016) by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg (Zhubin) @1:30:50


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