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"Because someone won a contest—and definitely not because it's Black History Month—we discuss the film B*A*P*S."

Website Blurb[]

Sort of like M*A*S*H, but not about the army and terrible.
Consider our debt to "He's the Housecat (Arthur's Theme)" music video contest winner Dan Costales paid in full! Was it worth it Dan? Was if worth the pain you caused, making us watch the pre-Oscar Halle Berry racist stereotype comedy B*A*P*S? Meanwhile Elliott continually implies Martin Landau is a vampire, Stuart reveals how all males are sexually threatened by him, and Dan suggests that the Crypt Keeper should've come up with a better B*A*P*S twist.

Movie Summary[]


­The movie is laying a racist trap for us by indulging in the worst racist stereotypes of a cartoon/sketch comedy version of 'hair-dressin', long-fingernail, gold-teethy...'
       —Dan @05:45
Directed by Robert Townsend who directed Hollywood Shuffle (1987), a comedy about how there are no good roles for black actors. @06:20


Waitresses at a Georgia restaurant, Nisi and Mickey, decide to fly to Los Angeles for a music-video audition in order to raise money for their dream project–a business that combines soul-food dining with a hair salon. Circumstances eventually find the Southern ladies on the estate of Mr. Blakemore, an elderly millionaire. Despite their vast cultural differences, Nisi and Mickey form close bonds with Blakemore and his butler.

Worse Than[]

Final Judgments[]

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @34:50
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @35:55
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @36:25

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Movie Pitches[]


Elliott: Now, Bratz and B*A*P*S have a lot in common—in that the names sound similar, and they're about ladies doin' it for themselves.
Dan: Masturbating?
Elliott: That's...not what I meant, no. I mean, that is an example of "ladies doin' it for themselves"…
Dan: Because I've seen a lot of movies about ladies "doin' it for themselves."
Elliott: Yeah, I don't want to hear about those...while the podcast is on.

Listener Mail[]

Mailbag Song[]



"Downloadable Content" from Clavvy(?) Lastnamewithheld @40:25
­Put fuckin' Freddy Krueger in one of those games...bitch!
       —Stuart @40:55
"Arabic Popeyes" from Sam Lastnamewithheld @50:55
"It's an Arena, Dan" from David Lastnamewithheld (Elliott's brother) @54:45


  • Beauty Is Embarrassing (2012) by Neil Berkeley (Dan) @59:40
  • The Lego Movie (2014) by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller (Stuart) @58:25
  • The Professionals (1966) by Richard Brooks (Elliott) @1:03:30
  • The Sea Hawk (1940) by Michael Curtiz (Dan) @1:02:30