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"It's a Flop House holiday extravaganza, as we discuss the 'War on Christmas' movie Last Ounce of Courage."

Website Blurb[]

You can have my Christmas when you pry it from my cold dead hand.
Hey, remember when we all used to celebrate Christmas? Last Ounce of Courage takes us back to that magical time. Meanwhile, Stu is upset at the way Wolverine treated his Christmas gift, Dan fails to have perspective about his knee, and Elliott reveals the Jesus/Ducktales crossover.

Movie Summary[]


A grieving father, who lost his son on the battlefield, challenges his fellow citizens to take back the freedoms they have lost.


Final Judgments[]

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @46:15
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @47:30
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @48:10

Episode Highlights[]


  • Teddygrams @11:11
  • Bot-mas @12:56
    • Celebrating the manufacturing of Robot Jesus AKA Christazoid
  • "Scary Stoff [sic]" @51:20
Dan: This first letter is titled "Scary Stoff"..."Scary Stuff"...
Elliott: No, no—"Scary Stoff"!

Scary Stoff
It's not scary stuff, it's stoff instead
But what is stoff? Let's find out what stoff is
Is stoff the stuff that's under your bed?
Is stoff the stuff that's on top of your head?
Is stoff the stuff inside of the dead?
We'll never know, just where it goes
It's stoff! It's stoff!
What is this stoff?
Stoff, it's off! Give it a stoff!
Stoff it around
Stoff it in town
Stoff it upside down
It's stoff!

Brought to you by Dan McCoy's stupid mouth that can't say things right.

  • Elliott possesses a "super strong" immune system, but is susceptible to chipmunk diseases. @1:14:05

Movie Pitches[]

Elliott discusses the premise of his new porno movie idea "about a cyborg with a robot penis." @1:03:35


  • ­He looks kinda like a mannequin whose cheeks melted in.
           —Elliott @13:30
  • ­Just drag into your queue and click play. [...] You don't drag 'em anymore? Okay, whatever Elliott just said.
           —Stuart @1:07:50

Listener Mail[]

Mailbag Song[]



"Scary Stuff in Not-Scary Movies" from Alex Lastnamewithheld (@51:10)
"Mr. Wellington, I Presume" from Rob Lastnamewithheld (@57:00)
"Those With Non-Debilitating Leg Injuries Need Your Sympathy and Respect" from Ajuhar Lastnamewithheld (@59:10)
  • Dan paraphrases Mel Brooks, adapting the quote to be leg-centric. (@1:01:50)
Mel Brooks Dan
"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die." "Tragedy is when I stub my toe. Comedy is when you fall down a manhole and break your neck."


  • My Name Is Nobody (1973) by Tonino Valerii, Sergio Leone (Elliott) @1:10:15
  • Stoker (2013) by Chan-wook Park (Stuart) @1:08:05
  • Targets (1968) by Peter Bogdanovich (Dan) @1:04:50