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"We're through the Oogieloves here, people. We discuss Foodfight!"

Official Show Notes[]

"Simulates a real Foodfight, in that it leaves you pained, sticky, and wanting to vomit.
"Hey, you guys ever think to yourself, 'I like Toy Story, but I wish it could be more commercial, ugly, and frenetic?' Welcome to Foodfight! Meanwhile, Dan points out the movie's one 'goof,' Stuart brings it back to Just One of the Guys, and Elliott introduces his new 'Southern Tintin Enthusiast' character."

Movie Summary[]


A bunch of deluded Pixar wannabes funnel $65 million into a frothing septic tank.


  • Cost of $65 million to make. Dan and Elliott @02:30
  • ­The Sky Was Dark...
           —Stuart @02:40
  • The inexplicable and frenetic animation is akin to a Ralph Bakshi cartoon. Dan @04:05
  • Sunshine Goodness as a gateway for Furrydom. @11:10
  • Dex Dogtective as Anubis, Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife. @11:50
  • ­I didn't expect to be watching this animated movie about food mascots coming to life at night, and feel like a palpable feeling of antisemitism.
           —Elliott @10:10
As an example of this film's antisemitism, the Brand X characters wear thinly disguised Nazi paraphernalia, and refer to the other characters as "ikes," a word startlingly close to a real racial slur.

Ostensibly a Children's Movie, Remember[]

  • Just as Dex briefly embraces Lady X (who is wearing a schoolgirl outfit), we cut to a closeup of Dex's crotch. Immediately a prominent boner develops in his pants, accompanied by a slidewhistle sound effect. (Foodfight!, @23:15)

Worse Than[]

­Oogieloves was a fuckin' Chekhov play next to this.
       —Elliott @38:20

Final Judgments[]

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliot) @44:55
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @45:45
  • Good-Bad Movie (Stuart) @46:40
  • Good-Bad Movie (Elliot) @47:05

Episode Highlights[]


  • A discussion about whether milk is commonly served at Jewish weddings. @42:25
    • ­Give me a plastic cup with milk in it from a space cow, Aunt Beru!
             —Elliott @43:05

Movie Pitches[]


  • ­I watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of music for pleasure that's designed mainly to make you uncomfortable. None of it compares to this movie.
           —Stuart @27:40
  • ­This is the point in the podcast where people are taking their earbuds out, saying like: 'Okay, the three of these guys just hallucinated this movie.'
           —Dan @38:15
  • ­There are times in this movie when it's like you're like a child and you pick up an adult's book, and you know there's information in it and there's pictures occasionally, but you can't read it and you don't know what it means. And you know to somebody this means something, but to you it's incomprehensible gibberish. That's what this movie is like.
           —Elliott @41:00
  • ­This is like reading the Codex Seraphinianus or something.
           —Elliott @41:30
In the following episode, Elliott would claim this may have been his most obscure reference ever.

Listener Mail[]

Mailbag Song @51:45[]

Dan: Now it's time for the Flop House Movie Mailbag.
Elliott: And I'm just going to break it down, guys: we don't have time for a song. Let's keep moving.
Dan: Yeah. Uh, so this first letter—
Elliott: (singing) Time for the letters! First letter of the year!
Dan: Oh, god damn it!
Elliott: The first letter of the year! (Not really.)
Dan: What the fuck...?!
Elliott: Anyway, continued...
Dan: The most inaccurate theme!
Stuart: (singing) Do do do you have more song, Elliott?
Dan: (singing) What would we do, baby... [Elliott joins in.] without letters? What would we do, baby...
Elliott: There's a time for love and a time for letters, let's open the Mailbag! You can have a letter here, or put it there. Time for the bag! Time for the bag!
Dan: Whatever happened to the letters? The milkman, the paperboy, the evening letters?
Dan: (regaining composure) All right...
Stuart: (singing) Letter from the mailbag, never met him before. [Elliott: (singing, interrupting) "Thank you for..."] Letter from the mailbag...
Elliott: (singing) "Thank you for being a mailbag."
Dan: (laughing) Okay.
Elliott: (singing) "Travel round the road and back to back. Your heart is letters, your (unintelligible) and the letter door. De de dum dum."
Dan: Holy shit.
Stuart: (singing) "Mail""bag""! Mail–mail–mail–mail–mail–bag!"
Elliott: (singing) "Show me that letter again!" [Dan: (high-pitched singing) "Show me that letter!"] "Don't waste another mailbag on this song, uh, singing..." (trails off)
Dan: Alright, so this first
Elliott: Seinfeld! Bop bo bop bop bobobup. Letters!
Dan: This first letter's from...[Letter segment commences]


"The Novelization of Jaws: The Revenge" from Dr. James A. Lastnamewithheld (@53:15)
"A Suggested Trademark for Dan McCoy" from Charlie Lastnamewithheld (@57:20)
I was sitting two rows from David Kalan!
"Prophesying M. Night Shyamalan's Plagiarisms" from Doug Lastnamewithheld (@1:01:50)


  • Gojira (1954) by Ishirō Honda (Dan) @1:07:25
  • The Last Unicorn (1982) by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr. (Stuart) @1:05:00
  • Walker (1987) by Alex Cox (Elliott) @1:10:30