"I have to admit: we did it for teh lulz. We discuss Smiley."

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Warning: listening to this podcast may result in a Smiley attack.

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A college student discovers that Smiley, an urban legend about a murderous spirit which you can invoke to kill your Internet chat partner, is actually true!


It's a classic "Reverse Candyman" scenario. @06:50, 09:15


Worse ThanEdit

  • That's My Boy @37:45

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @36:55
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @37:25
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @38:35

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  • Stuart Wellington's Castle Babies (television series)
  • You're in the Hot Seat Starring Dan McCoy as The Seat, and Stuart Wellington as Jamie Hot. @43:30


  • ­Watching Smiley with Stuart was like watching The Matrix with my dad, when I had to explain everything to him.
         —Elliott @06:25
  • ­Hey, it's me! Where do you want those lulz?
         —Stuart @36:25

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"The Flopford Wives" from Joe Lastnamewithheld @41:30
"Our Long National Nightmare Is Finally Over" from Sta Lastnamewithheld @47:45
The Invisible Maniac for sale on DVD @48:20
"Brookline High School" from David Lastnamewithheld (Elliott's brother) @50:35
Dan: This letter...
Elliott: Okay.
Dan: Is from...
Elliott: Yes? Any time...
Dan: David...
Elliott: No!
Dan: Last name withheld.
Elliott: Okay, thank goodness.
Dan: Elliott's brother.
Elliott: No! Nooo! NOOO!!!
Which Nicolas Cage movie that you've all watched for The Flop House do you think was the worst?
"Honor Roger Ebert by Dishonoring Rob Schneider" from Chris Lastnamewithheld @55:30


  • Blood Diner (1987) by Jackie Kong (Stuart) @1:00:30
  • Excision (2012) by Richard Bates, Jr. (Dan) @1:01:55
  • Kurotokage (1962) by Umetsugu Inoue (Elliott) @1:05:25 (Not the 1968 version.)
  • Union Station (1950) by Rudolph Maté (Elliott) @1:04:35

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