"In this episode, we get a little Ayn Rand-y with Atlas Shrugged."

Movie SummaryEdit


Based on the book by Ayn Rand, and featuring lots and lots and lots of footage of trains.


Final JudgmentsEdit

Bad-Bad movie (unanimous) @36:55

Elliott's Impromptu Rating SystemEdit

Elliott extemporaneously outlines a movie review scheme consisting of four criteria, and then applies it to this movie. @37:45
details Atlas Shrugged
story FAIL
character FAIL
spectacle visuals, scope, color (None)
thrills action, boobs, momentum, velocity (None)

Episode HighlightsEdit

With guest host Zhubin Parang, filling in for Stuart.

Movie PitchesEdit

  • Dagny Taggart (dual television series) A double TV idea is pitched for a police procedural, starring the titular character as "an adorable female cop": In the sitcom series she's a sassy rookie; in the drama series she's a gritty detective.


  • ­Here's the thing. People talk about how bad slippery slopes are all the time, but you know what a slippery slope is? A waterslide. Sounds awesome.
         —Elliott @30:25
  • ­There was a lot of pleasure in that pain, I'm not going to lie about that. It felt really good...I'm a cutter.
         —Zhubin @40:40
  • ­Everyone wants it, and I want it more than most. Not more than everyone else, just more than most.
         —Zhubin @56:25

Listener MailEdit

"Giant Robot Anime" from Paige and Devon Lastnamewithheld @41:50
"Hodgmania Running Wild" from Aaron Lastnamewithheld @46:50
That Is All by John Hodgman (pg. 726)
"Mickey's Screen-Used Cell Phone from Sorority Row" from Carl Lastnamewithheld @51:05


  • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) by Martin Scorsese (Elliott) @58:30
  • Desperate Lives (1982) by Robert Michael Lewis (Zhubin) @1:00:20
  • Prometheus (2012) by Ridley Scott (Dan) @59:05
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