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"In this episode, we get a little Ayn Rand-y with Atlas Shrugged."

Movie Summary[]


Based on the book by Ayn Rand, and featuring lots and lots and lots of footage of trains.


Dagny Taggart, a powerful railroad executive, tries to keep her business afloat while society crumbles around her.

Final Judgments[]

Bad-Bad movie (unanimous) @36:55

Elliott's Impromptu Rating System[]

Elliott extemporaneously outlines a movie review scheme consisting of four criteria, and then applies it to this movie. @37:45
details Atlas Shrugged
story FAIL
character FAIL
spectacle visuals, scope, color (None)
thrills action, boobs, momentum, velocity (None)

Episode Highlights[]

With guest host Zhubin Parang, filling in for Stuart.

Movie Pitches[]

  • Dagny Taggart (dual television series) A double TV idea is pitched for a police procedural, starring the titular character as "an adorable female cop": In the sitcom series she's a sassy rookie; in the drama series she's a gritty detective.


  • ­Here's the thing. People talk about how bad slippery slopes are all the time, but you know what a slippery slope is? A waterslide. Sounds awesome.
           —Elliott @30:25
  • ­There was a lot of pleasure in that pain, I'm not going to lie about that. It felt really good...I'm a cutter.
           —Zhubin @40:40
  • ­Everyone wants it, and I want it more than most. Not more than everyone else, just more than most.
           —Zhubin @56:25

Listener Mail[]

"Giant Robot Anime" from Paige and Devon Lastnamewithheld @41:50
"Hodgmania Running Wild" from Aaron Lastnamewithheld @46:50
That Is All by John Hodgman (pg. 726)
"Mickey's Screen-Used Cell Phone from Sorority Row" from Carl Lastnamewithheld @51:05


  • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) by Martin Scorsese (Elliott) @58:30
  • Desperate Lives (1982) by Robert Michael Lewis (Zhubin) @1:00:20
  • Prometheus (2012) by Ridley Scott (Dan) @59:05