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Episode 31: Swing Vote @35:40

Dan: The categories are, um...
Elliott: Potpourri, Notable Quotables, Potent Potables, and Botent Rotables. Scrotent Bottables, and Shopent Goatables.
Will: Shopent Goatables, I clean up on. You want me on your —
Elliott: "Can you repeat the categories, Alex?" No, I can't.
Dan: Wait! "Chopin Goatables"?
Elliott: Shopent Goatables.
Dan: Oh. I thought it was "Chopin Goatables".
Elliott: Chopin Goatables!
Will: You made it make more sense.
Elliott: We play a Chopin song, and you tell me how well the goats reacted to it. On a scale from one to five goats.
Dan: We've assembled a musical scale of these goats.
Will: "I say three goats, Alex." No, it was two. You're wrong.
Elliott: "What is The Minute Waltz for Goats?" All right, we'll give it to you.
Will: You said "goats."
Elliott: You said "goats," that's all we were looking for!
Dan: Oh, man — I'm gonna pitch this show.
Elliott: Chopin Goatables — for kids!
Elliott: Hey kids! Tired of eating the bad old cafeteria food? Try some goatables — Chopin Goatables!
Elliott: "Mom, can I get Chopin Goatables?"
Will: I think you've had enough Chopin Goatables for today, Billy.
Elliott: "They're the goatablest!"
Elliott: Oh, what a product! Anyway...
Dan: Kid tested, farmer approved.
Dan: Oh my god, this is the strangest joke that we've done on the show.
Elliott: This is stranger than the Teddygrams thing.

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