From Wikipedia: "A robot is a mechanical or virtual agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry." The word "robot" originated in the Czech play R.U.R., and is based on a Czech word meaning "serf" or "worker."

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  • ­Robots are really good at calculating probabilities.
         —Simon, Episode 1: Stealth @05:00
  • ­Robots like to party.
         —Dan, ibid. @1:09:25


  • Elliott is the Johnny 5 of a group of robots that were made for learning about movies. He's short and talks like a robot. He has no Ally Sheedy in his life yet to teach him there's something more to life than movies. Dan might fulfill this role, Stuart would be Fisher Stevens. (Episode 22: Vantage Point)

Movie PitchesEdit

Battlestar Galactica: Hunchback Detective (television series)
Microchip Off the Old Block
A mid-sixties Disney film about a robot boy. Starring Kurt Russell as The Father and The Robot, Don Knotts as The Crazy Inventor, and Dean Jones as The Suspicious Neighbour. He also turns into a dog sometimes.
Episode 61: Surrogates
Ordinary Robots A remake of Ordinary People, starring an all-robot cast.
Episode 61: Surrogates
P2: Pudgment Day
A chronoassassin arrives from the future, made of organized chocolate. It can assume any shape, although in practice it sticks to primarily bunnies, squares, footballs, and creme eggs. (That's how they figure out it's the chocolate robot -- there's no creme in the creme egg.) It's not very dangerous, because it's chocolate. You want to eat it though, because it's delicious.
Episode 77: Skyline
A cyborg Detroit police officer has a robot penis.
Episode 141: Last Ounce of Courage @1:03:35

Sex RobotsEdit

Fuck bot 5000
Dan: Megan Fox's sex appeal is so big, it needs five screens to contain it.
Elliott: I do not like her, but I guess so. She seems like a sex robot that was just like: "We've created the perfect woman, using science!" It's like, yeah but she seems inhuman. And the things she says seem like calculated to attract a certain type of guy to see her movies. When she's like: "Yeah, I love to drink beer and watch sports! And also: I'm a bisexual!"
Dan: Yeah.
Elliott: "Come see my movie!"
Stuart: Oh, you read her Maxim interview, huh?
Elliott: Course I did, we had it at work. Come on.
Dan: Stuart seems to be, you know, really considering the advantages of a sex robot right now.
Stuart: Yeah.
Elliott: But anyway, so...
Stuart: I don't have to strangle her afterwards.
Dan: What?! Jesus Christ, that's the worst —
Elliott: That's really horrifying.
Stuart: Then cut her hands and feet off, and leave her in a trunk somewhere.
Dan: — of the many horrible things that you've said...
Elliott: Wow!
Stuart: Wait, what?
  • ­When I was a boy, we had sex with women, not robots. What I'm saying is: Hand me that robot!
         —Elliott, Episode 142: Getaway @29:15

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