Films pitched during episodes of the Flop House, often by Elliott.
If Hollywood's reading, they're $700,000 apiece (although bulk discounts may be available).
Note: Only movie pitches which include a synopsis are included in this list.

50 Shades Darker Crystal
Episode 246: 50 Shades Darker @41:50
50 Swedes of Chef
A Muppet adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, starring the Swedish Chef.
Episode 178: 50 Shades of Grey @17:25
303: A Hermit's Tale: Greeks Versus Draculas
Episode 164: 300: Rise of an Empire @14:45, 39:40
Adventure Buddies (TV show)
A sitcom based on Jules Verne's Seinfeld-inspired phase.
Episode 109: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Alien Fugitive
While on the run from space aliens, a woman has to get used to the fact that her love's brain was put in an extraterrestrial's body.
Episode 77: Skyline @22:50
All Shoes Go to Heaven
Elliott's childrens' movie where shoes go to heaven but people go to hell for abusing shoes by walking on them, forcing them to slave away for nothing. Jimmy Pixar loved it, calling it their best movie since Monsters University.
Episode 198: The Cobbler @18:31
Animal Squad
A pest control guy takes on the mob after they upset the natural balance in the coyote and roadrunner populations. The sequel features mongooses and cobras.
Episode 148: Gangster Squad @09:20
Arbor Day
Horror/slasher movie with a "Day" theme.
Episode 74: Valentine's Day
Asian Backwards
A pornographic film starring John Merlin, who isn't proud of what he did.
Episode 107: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @22:45
Bad Boys 3
Starring: Satan's friend.
Episode 193: United Passions @02:00
Barks and Stabcreation (TV series)
(starring Eddie the Dog and Peter Stormare)
An escaped serial killer who kills a different cast member every week, until there's none left. Then it turns out it was all just a dream... but it was the dream of a dog. And the dog has to go on an amazing adventure to save his owner, who's just been blasted into space.
Episode 119: The Odd Life of Timothy Green @1:00:30
Bat Mitzvah
Vampires invade a bar mitvah.
Episode 126: Playing for Keeps @28:40
­Because there's nothing racist about portraying Jews as vampires, ya racist!
Battlestar Galactica: Hunchback Detective (TV series)
It's always a Cylon who did it.
Episode 124: Stolen @34:10
Bikini Ghetto Meets the Baseball Golem
A real golem who plays modern-day baseball defends the Ghetto of Prague from evil developers who want to build condominiums. Mickey Rourke plays the golem.
Episode 115: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter @57:25
Bitey in Space
Michael Caine stars as a cockney peasant vampire in space.
Episode 163: Dracula 3D @07:45
Blood Candy
Episode 21: One Missed Call
The Boner Files (TV series)
The Erection Is Out There
Mysterious cases about boners that can't be explained through ordinary explanations. "When I was a child, I saw my sister abducted by boners. Since then, I've tried to prove the truth about boners."
Characters: Fox Boner, Boner Sculley, FBI Assistant Director Boner, and The Boner Smoking Man
Episode 115: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter @1:05:35
Boner Sex
Porn parody of Jonah Hex
Episode 70: Jonah Hex
Bullet to the Godhead
The sequel to Bullet to the Head. Sylvester Stallone's mercenary character Bobo has a bigger target on his hands this time: the divine godhead itself.
Episode 160: God's Not Dead @06:25
The Burger King Jet Set Kids Club
Episode 195: The Golden Child @41:05
The Cabin in the Woods
An erotic reimagining.
Episode 128: Red Dawn @14:15
Canadian Treasure
Episode 190: Ouija @10:05
Carrie Potter
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @10:45
Castlebabies / King Babies
The prequel to The King's Speech. Stuart is working on the screenplay. It's a treatment right now.
Episode 77: Skyline
Cat on a Hot Tintin Roof
Episode 138: Foodfight! @14:45
Episode 134: Upside Down
Coach: The Movie
Craig T. Nelson plays Coach's father and Chris Pine plays Coach. Opens it up for the Major Dad reboot, the real money maker.
Episode 128: Red Dawn @55:40
Coal Land
Episode 35: Fireproof @11:45
The Cobbler: Rated R
Same basic premise as The Cobbler, but the shoes come to life and give Adam Sandler romantic advice. Sample dialogue: "Hey, ask her out! I'll be your wingtip man!"
Episode 198: The Cobbler @16:44
The Computer Wore Women's Clothing When No One Was Around
The story of a cross-dressing teen supergenius. Starring Dean Jones as The Suspicious Neighbour who also turns into a dog sometimes.
Episode 61: Surrogates
Count Dorkula by Woody Allen
A nebbishy guy becomes a vampire.
Episode 163: Dracula 3D @38:20
Count Spaceula
Aliens land, and one of the aliens is bitten by a vampire.
Episode 85: Limitless @22:40
Crappy Movie / Twins 2
Starring Bruce Willis and Nicolas Cage, who showcase their antipodal acting styles.
Episode 61: Surrogates @24:00
Crash 2: Crashin' It
James Spader is done with cars, and now wants to have sex with a plane.
Episode 74: Valentine's Day
­Sounds pretty good. It won Best Picture, right?
Crash 3: Underwater Crash
James Spader falls in love with a submarine.
Episode 74: Valentine's Day
Crazy Charade
An '80s sex comedy but the premise is someone making Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Starring C. Thomas Howell as the writer/director, and the girl from Just One of the Guys.
Episode 28: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium @39:20
A diner staffed by crocodiles. The problem is, once you get over the fact that the staff is all crocodiles, the food isn't that great.
Episode 68: Teen Witch
Crystal Ships
Two diamond thieves stow away aboard a gay cruise ship to avoid the cops.
Episode 245: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III @1:22:00
An online movie about werewolves, starring C. Thomas Howell as an Internet billionaire who uploads his brain to the Net, so he could star on a webseries about Soul Man.
Episode 188: Unfriended @04:05, 06:35
Dagny Taggart (dual TV series)
Episode 104: Atlas Shrugged: Part I
The Dark Knotts
Starring Don Knotts and Keith Ledger.
Episode 172: Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return @18:55
David Cronenberg's My Fair Flying Giant
A body horror film based on a floating gigantic man in an urban setting, as described in the Nat King Cole song "On the Street Where You Live".
Episode 217: Independence Day: Resurgence @0:06:00
Deaf Alien in the Big City (Rated R)
tagline: When you're deaf, no one can hear you scream.
Episode 131: Marmaduke @11:50
Deliver Us from Eva
A remake of Kiki's Delivery Service, starring Eva Braun.
Episode 189: Deliver Us from Evil @07:35
The Derrick Movie
About oil derricks.
Episode 31: Swing Vote
Giant robot cowboys pick up dinosaurswhich are also swords — and do battle on the Planes of Imagination.
Episode 131: Marmaduke @28:15
Dorf Look Now
Starring Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, and Kiefer Sutherland as Donald Sutherland
Episode 142: Getaway @19:20
Downside Up 2: Worldwalkers
The twins born in the first movie fulfill an ancient prophecy revealed to them by a mystical dragon, bringing an end to the bloody civil war.
Episode 134: Upside Down @27:40
Dr. Jeremiah Memory
A script Simon is working on. It's copyrighted, don't steal it.
Episode 2: Memory
Dr. Kittles
A cat-themed re-imagining of Dr. Giggles taking place in the Fievel universe.
Episode 147: Devil's Pass and Awards Floptacular
Dr. Pepper & Mtn. Dew, Cops on the Run: Caribbean Queen
A doctor and a mountain have to team up to solve the mystery of the missing oceans. Turns out at the end it was Anne Climactic, who is the wife of the world's most famous ocean thief, who was in jail the whole time.
Episode 162: The Quiet Ones @30:25
Dr. Translator, M.D. (TV series)
Episode 134: Upside Down
Dystopian Saved by the Bell Feature Film
Based in the universe of "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison, sort of like in The Matrix.
Episode 230: Monster Trucks @31:25
The Ebert Boys
Film critic Roger Ebert, his brother Robert, and their robot all have to lose their virginity in Tijuana during spring break.
Episode 257: The Greatest Showman @03:25
El Saw
"Would you like to play a game? You have to eat your way out of this enchilada in five minutes, or eat your own leg, señor."
Episode 117: Seeking Justice @1:06:35
Elliott Kalan: Starfucker (TV series)
Premium cable show.
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @52:40
Emmanuelle Goes to College
"Woman with weird sensuality-based superpowers: it turns out you didn't finish your degree. We need you to come back."
Episode 191: Men, Women & Children @1:10:50
Enola Gay Paree
Revisionist drama where it is the French who drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II. Starring Gerard Depardieu, Jean Reno, and Tchéky Karyo.
Episode 61: Surrogates @22:55
Ernst Goes to Camp
Starring Ernst Lubitsch.
Bonus Episode 3 @04:00
Everybody Poops: the Movie
Starring Keanu Reeves. 89 minutes of people just sitting on the toilet.
"It's like one of those Faces of Death things, but with pooping."
Episode 49: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li @43:35
Executor of the State (television sitcom)
Episode 37: Seven Pounds @17:55
Family Ties: The Space Sitcom (TV show)
Michael J. Fox has an alien sidekick.
Episode 192: Chappie
Farting In Bed: A Terrorist Story
A terrorist woman is forced to have a romance with a boorish embassy official for year after year as hilarious delays keep them from carrying out their plan. Elliott's version of the poster would be "FIB". But then people might think it's about lying.
Episode 63: From Paris With Love
Fireproof 2: Proofin' It
Episode 35: Fireproof @32:45
Fivehead Goes West
Episode 94: Conan the Barbarian
Flamethrower: The Movie
Episode 70: Jonah Hex
Funny Games 2: Funnier Games
They thought there was only enough violent, nihilistic, shock filmmaking to fill up one night, but lo, there was enough for eight. Directed by Michael Hanukkah.
Episode 161: A Talking Cat!?! @12:34
The Garage Pail Kids
Children find uses for a pail that their parents left in a garage.
Episode 237: Ishtar @13:50
Gay Panic
A 1960s thriller about a bomb being set off that would turn everyone gay, starring Walter Matthau and Bruce Dern, and Ernest Borngnine as the leader of the gay terrorists.
Episode 23: Wild Hogs
­He was terrible.
Ghost Rape: The Movie
That movie where the ghost rapes the lady.
Episode 157: The Legend of Hercules @15:35
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: Catch That Kid
Episode 107: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance @33:55
Ghost World
The sequel to Cool World, in which all the characters came back as ghosts.
Episode 229: Assassin's Creed @19:50
G.I. Jane
Jane Campion's autobiographical biopic about her intestinal problems.
Episode 200: Nothing But Trouble @08:26
Giraffe Intelligence Joe
Episode 153: G.I. Joe: Retaliation @08:00
Glengarry Glen Frankenstein
Episode 214: Victor Frankenstein @1:00:35
Gorilla Castle Freak
The sequel to King Gorilla. Other movies in the series: A Gorilla In The Family, Invisible Gorilliac.
Episode 77: Skyline
Gorilla Intelligence Joe
Episode 153: G.I. Joe: Retaliation @21:25
The Great Bikini Leprosy Adventure
Much like The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure, except that instead of the bras falling off, it's the boobs.
Episode 132: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters @1:00:55
Howard the Ducktales
Episode 117: Seeking Justice @47:30
The Howelling
A guy gets bitten by C. Thomas Howell, and thereafter whenever the moon is full, he turns into the famed actor.
Episode 163: Dracula 3D @1:11:35
Hudson on the Moscow
A reverse Moscow on the Hudson. Bruce Willis goes to Russia to start his own police force. Hilarious mishaps ensue.
Episode 129: A Good Day to Die Hard @06:57
Indecent Illusions of the Night Eyes: Instincts IV
Starring Shannon Tweed stars as a sex therapist who watches couples copulating from behind a two-way mirror. Meanwhile her husband, played by George Hamilton, refuses to leave his tanning bed.
Episode 201: Vice @16:55
Isabella Waitressini (TV series)
Episode 190: Ouija @20:35
Jaws 2 (remake)
A version in which there is no shark, just Roy Scheider with PTSD.
Episode 23: Wild Hogs
Jonah Hex: Off The Rails
A straight-to-the-garbage-can sequel.
Episode 70: Jonah Hex @31:22
A scientist rushes to stop an epidemic of people's heads exploding from ingesting Pop Rocks® and Coca-Cola.
Episode 85: Limitless @04:25
Lost Boys Never Grow Up (Cause They're Vamps)
Peter Pan takes Wendy and the other two kids to Neverland, where the Lost Boys are vampires. And he wants to turn them into vampires too, just like the kid vampire in Near Dark.
Episode 226: Max Steel @04:25
Lust Vegas (Cinemax series)
Set in a casino where people play erotic games of chance and get paid in sex.
Episode 155: Last Vegas @31:00
Major Dad: The Movie
Major Dad's origin story. In this movie, Major Dad is just Dad, and becomes Major Dad at the end, setting up the sequel. Original title: Honey, I Blew Up The Dad
Episode 128: Red Dawn @55:59
The Making of Dorf on Fishing
A three-hour-long documentary about the short subject Dorf on Fishing.
Episode 142: Getaway @20:25
The Mamataur
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @1:00:40
Margarita Madness
Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, featuring cold beverages that induce mental instability.
Episode 167: From Justin to Kelly @19:45
Mars Needs Mummies
Episode 110: Battleship
MC Cat Man
A cat man has sex with Paula Abdul.
Episode 206: The Choice @18:35
Meet The Wests (TV show)
Featuring Adam West, Dianne Wiest and their son Kanye.
Episode 79: Knight and Day
Microchips Off the Old Block
A 1978-era Disney film about a robot boy. Starring Kurt Russell in a dual role as both The Dad and The Robot, and Don Knotts as The Crazy Inventor.
Episode 61: Surrogates
Midget Abraham Lincoln: Robo Vampire Killer with Rocket Boots in the 23rd Century
Kung-fu fighting vampire hunter who coincidentally has the same name as the president, even though he's a terrible liar and quite short. But he has the beard and wears the stovepipe hat. He has to rediscover some ancient scrolls to learn kung fu while wearing rocket boots.
Episode 115: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter @39:50
Million Dollar Getaway
Episode 70: Jonah Hex
The Mummy 4D: The Return of Hervé Villechaize / An American Mummy in Paris: The Quickening
sequel: An American Mummy in the Mesozoic
Episode 33: An American Carol
The Munsters That Actually Kill People / Munsters 3D
Episode 63: From Paris With Love @50:30
My Bloody Valentine 5D: the Tesserattacked
Episode 31: Swing Vote
The Mystery Team
Elliott will make this movie, even though somebody else has already made it.
Episode 31: Swing Vote
National Treasure 3: Big Monuments
Episode 14: Bratz @51:05
­'We're supposed to go the Washington Monument and say these words.' 'Well, nothing's going to happen but I'll say them anyway: Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Jackson.' 'Well, nothing happened.' And then you just hear rumble rumble rumble and the Washington Monument turns on its side and turns to point where the treasure is.
Night Papal Court
It's just the Pope booking prostitutes and purse thieves. Starring John Larroquette as the horny bishop.
Episode 160: God's Not Dead @25:05
Not-Afraid-of-Fire Gangster Guy
Episode 148: Gangster Squad @27:05
Nude School University, USA
Episode 131: Marmaduke @46:45
The Odd Couple
An aging Harry Potter moves in with his other divorced friend, who happens to be a Muggle.
Episode 208: Norm of the North @01:30
The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2: Green's Back, Gotta Attack
Episode 119: The Odd Life of Timothy Green @34:05
Ouija's Big Adventure
Episode 190: Ouija @05:15
Ordinary Robots
Just like Ordinary People, but with robots.
P2: Pudgement Day
He's living liquid chocolate that can turn into any shape, primarily bunnies, squares, footballs, oranges… and creme eggs? No, that's how you know it's the chocolate robot, there's no creme inside the creme egg. It's just chocolate that turns into a knife. It's not very dangerous, because it's just chocolate. You can just bite off the end of it. Which you'd want to, because it's delicious.
Episode 77: Skyline @38:30
Passed Over
AKA Bitter Herbs. Written about Elliott's family, so it's like the movie A Celebration, where it turns out that everything is terrible, except it's at Passover. : : Episode 203: Look Who's Talking Now @25:50
The Plumber
A super-scary porno movie starring Jeffrey Combs, and possibly Corbin Bernsen. Produced by Brian Yuzna.
Episode 189: Deliver Us from Evil @01:20
Pogo: The Movie
Starring Raul Esparza as Pogo, Bernadette Peters as Mam'selle Hepzibah, Jeffrey Tambor as Albert, Harlan Williams as Churchy LaFemme and Zach Galafianakis as Porky.
Episode 87: My Soul to Take @11:05
President by Day
The President of the United States is also a werewolf.
Episode 35: Fireproof @29:40
Project X Squared
Chimps throw a party at a house when their parents aren't home.
Episode 129: A Good Day to Die Hard @13:05
The Quiet Buns or The Silence of the Buns
A movie about a deaf baker.
Episode 162: The Quiet Ones @35:15
The year is 2047, and all alliteration has been deemed a thoughtcrime. Thursdays are no longer Thirsty. But the Good Grouping of Grammar Gang has the case, an underground rebel pirate group dedicated to words that start with the same letter placed next to each other. Can they survive? No. Must they survive? Yes.
Episode 192: Chappie @07:45
Rappin' Granny: The Movie
Charting the rise and fall of this rappin' granny, as she reaches for the stars but flies too close to the sun.
Episode 155: Last Vegas @23:45
Red Dawnosaurs
Communist dinosaurs invade America.
Episode 35: Fireproof @01:55
The Red Hermit Diaries
Episode 164: 300: Rise of an Empire @15:50
The Red Stu Diaries
Episode 84: Sucker Punch @34:55
A cyborg Detroit police officer has a robot penis.
Episode 141: Last Ounce of Courage @1:03:35
Robot Cop Meets The Shining
Not Robocop. Robot Cop. James Spader and Jack Nicholson star.
Episode 127: Safe Haven @02:40
Rocket Crocodile in the World of Tomorrow
Rocket Crocodile is an astronaut who falls through a timewarp and lands in the future which for some reason has dinsoaurs and becomes a rockstar. He has to stop the clothing bandit who's stealing the wardrobe of all the beautiful women in the world.
Episode 73: Devil @44:55
Rod Serling's The Erogenous Zone
The twist at the end is that they do it.
Bonus Episode 2 @03:25
Rookie of the Year 2: Soccer This Time
Instead of a kid, it's a guy in his mid-thirties who's sighing all the time.
Episode 119: The Odd Life of Timothy Green @53:50
A Scanner Darkly 2: The Robotening
Like The Stepford Wives, but with rehab patients.
Episode 61: Surrogates @16:25
The Scarlet Letter 2: Better Red Than Dead
The continuing adventures of previously supporting characters Fake Beard and Wide Hat. AKA The Scarlet Letter 2: Scarlet Again and The Scarlet Letter 2: Letter B.
Episode 130: The Scarlet Letter @34:55
A new Batman movie in which Scatman Crothers sidles up to muggers in an alley, says, "You know, I was in The Shining" and then beats them up. His only weakness is an axe to the stomach.
Episode 199: Jem and the Holograms @35:58
Scream Mouse
It's like Scream, but with mice.
Episode 96: Dream House @30:00
Secretary's Day
Horror/slasher movie with a "Day" theme.
Episode 74: Valentine's Day
Short Circuit 3 / Terminator 5
Justin Bieber in a cardboard box plays Johnnie Five, and all of his dialogue is reduced to "Beep beep, boop boop."
Episode 65: Old Dogs
The Shower Police
Stuart's pitch for an 80s teensploitation film, about a special detachment of women police officers, who work exclusively on shower-related crimes.
Episode 131: Marmaduke @46:10
Skyline (fan cut)
Ends at a family barbecue where Eric Balfour's baby's eyes glow red and then David Lee Roth sings "Walkin' On The Skyline."
Episode 77: Skyline @23:35
Snipe Hunt
A T&A comedy from the '80s. A bunch of late-teen college kids head up to the woods for a snipe hunt. Starring Willie Aames and an assortment of girls who seem less attractive now than they did in the '80s. No snipers in the movie.
Movie Minute Number 33: Writer's Guild @01:45
South Beach Academy (remake)
"We gotta get this volleyball team up and running. Boobs out, everybody!"
Starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.
Episode 135: Olympus Has Fallen @14:30
Space Crimes
One twin brother is a hitman and the other is an accountant, and they have to get together to solve a galaxy-spanning mystery. The hitman gets killed, and the accountant gets mistaken for the hitman and suddenly he's in over his head and experiences zany antics.
But, in an unimaginable twist, it turns out that the brother who was the hitman is still alive, he just arranged the situation to get closer to his brother. Before this is revealed, the hitman brother pretends to be a ghost and gives advice to his fumbling accountant brother.
Episode 30: Bangkok Dangerous
The Squimps (TV show)
Elliott's highly marketable '80s children's animated show. However, since the Squimps are all sexual predators, the show can't be near children. Coming to YouTube.
Episode 199: Jem and the Holograms @05:42
Star Crash
Lena Headey has sex with James Spader during a car crash in this Stargate/300/Crash crossover.
Episode 164: 300: Rise of an Empire @22:20
Star Revenge
Danny Glover and Donald Glover get crossed by a star, and they want revenge.
Episode 134: Upside Down @04:55
Star Star Wars
A reinterpretation of Star Wars using real stars. Starring Andromeda, the Sun, Betelgeuse, Sirius and Altair.
Episode 203: Look Who's Talking Now @23:03
Star Wars #7: Wake Up, Force Time!
Starring Hayden Christensen as Christian Haydensen
Episode 194: Outcast @08:45
Stuart Wellington, Sex Describer (TV series)
Episode 122: Alex Cross @49:30
Tango & Cash 2: It Takes Cash To Tango
Movie Minute #3 - Coming Attractions
Teen Wolf 3: Not a Wolf
­The werewolf is graduating — our basketball team is gonna go downhill fast. Quick, glue these carpet samples on! We'll tell them we have a new werewolf on the team!
Episode 24: Prom Night @06:40
A teenager gets turned into a sandwich.
Episode 189: Deliver Us from Evil @07:55
Three Shannons in a Fountain
Starring Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry, and Shannon Doherty.
Episode 193: United Passions @07:10
Throw Minotaur from the Train
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @1:01:10
The Tin Cup Girls (TV show)
It's The Golden Girls but they're homeless.
Episode 79: Knight and Day
The Ugly Treyf
An orthodox Jew decides to go non-Kosher for Lent, even though he's Jewish, so why would he celebrate Lent?
Episode 126: Playing for Keeps @04:10
"There's a bad guy, the baddest guy in all the world. He's been categorized as 'uncatchable.' My name is Mick Goren, I'm the leader of the Catchables."
Episode 172: Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return @3:40
About the writing of the hit song of the same name by Alanis Morrisette.
Episode 67: The Uninvited
Untitled buddy film starring Dan Castellaneta and Jonathan Katz
They're trying to Parent Trap their very old parents. It's not that hard.
Episode 210: Fantastic Four @06:35
Untitled Harry Dean Stanton science fiction TV series
Harry Dean Stanton travels through time talking to people.
Episode 31: Swing Vote
Virginia Woolf's Blorlando
The blaxploitation Orlando. Starring Pam Grier and Richard Roundtree with Rudy Ray Moore as Tiresias. Tagline: "He's a she, sucka!"
Episode 125: Smiley @21:55
Waterloo 2.0
An over-the-top retelling of the Battle of Waterloo with monster French guys and a twelve-foot-tall, fire-breathing Napoleon riding a dragon.
Episode 164: 300: Rise of an Empire @30:40
Werewolf Party!
Stuart describes what he thinks a horror movie named the Uninvited should be, which is there's a party and everyone's a werewolf, but uh oh, someone shows up who isn't a werewolf. He's uninvited.
Episode 67: The Uninvited
You're in the Hot Seat
A pornographic film starring Dan McCoy as The Seat, and Stuart Wellington as Jamie Hot.
Episode 125: Smiley @43:30
Wallace Shawn stars.

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