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  • ­There's an extra in the corner of the screen who whips his dick out, and I guess no one noticed it, ever. And the scene is online, readily available. If you look for, like, 'Teen Wolf penis', then (hopefully) that's what you'll find.
           —Elliott, Movie Minute Number 11: Listener Feedback @04:20
  • During Episode 15: D-War: Dragon Wars, the hosts were completely nude for May sweeps, except that Elliott was wearing a hat, and Stuart had on argyle socks and an artificial penis next to his actual penis.
  • ­I am so sick of genitalia!
           —Dan (in a French accent), Episode 20: 10,000 B.C. @19:20
  • ­They gently flutter their wings over each other's genitals.
           —Dan, Episode 50: Delgo @18:40
  • ­'Attack the vagina' sounds like he's, like, got some nunchucks or something and he's just whackin' at it.
           —Dan, Episode 103: One For the Money @11:40
The Boner Files (television series) The Erection Is Out There
Mysterious cases about boners that can't be explained through ordinary explanations.
Characters: Fox Boner, Boner Sculley, FBI Assistant Director Boner, and The Boner Smoking Man
­When I was a child, I saw my sister abducted by boners. Since then, I've tried to prove the truth about boners.
  • ­Now, if Demi Moore was stumbling through the forest and saw Gary Oldman and his penis had a little hat with a feather on it, she would have to run to that bathtub to masturbate, or else she's just doin' it in the woods right there.
           —Elliott, Episode 166: Pompeii @54:50
Alex: So, are you gonna get killed in this scene?
Misty: No, but I do get a death scene. We're filming it in a few days.
Alex: Nice! How do you check out?
Misty: I get stabbed in the pussy.
Alex: (silence)
Elliott: At the end of Wall-E, Wall-E gets the crap beaten out of him. Like, he essentially dies. And it's like: "Oh no!" But I wasn't like: "This is really making me uncomfortable in how much they're beating on Wall-E." You know what it is? I realized —
Dan: You were like: "Get him!"
Stuart: "Get that fucker!"
Elliott: I'm like: "Get that damn robot!"
Stuart: "Piece of shit!"
Elliott: "Thinks he can love? Beyond his class?"
Dan: "Thinks he's better than me? He's not better than me!"
Elliott: "Stupid robot! Can you do this?" and I'm just peeing all over the TV.
Dan: Elliott, sit down!
Elliott: No!
Dan: Put your penis away.
Elliott: No, no! My family's gotta learn about this someday!

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