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Cat on a Hot Tintin Roof

Artist's impression.

In this movie pitch (never officially called a pitch, but pretty clearly meant as a film) the guys spin a yarn about an old Southern woman who loves the comic book character Tintin (pronounced "Tantan" due to her accent.) The film will be credited to writer Tentennessee Williams. According to Dan, she is his "most favorite character who exists in the world! This old lady who doesn't exist: an old lady southerner who loves Tintin."  
This tangent appears in Episode 138: Foodfight! @14:45.
The inspiration for the concept seems to have come as follows: Elliott compared the movie Foodfight! ironically to Tintin. With lighthearted reproof, Stuart offered the "correct" French pronunciation for the Belgian cartoon, "tan-tan" (though the actual French pronunciation is more like "ten-ten"). Dan exaggerated the twang of Stuart's mispronunciation to resemble a southeastern United States accent. Elliott played with a character from the region talking about Tintin for a while before he and Dan realized the character they'd painted bore several similarities to "Maggie The Cat", the neglected wife on a Mississippi cotton plantation in Tennessee Williams' play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


"I love that Tantan and Snowy! That Tantan is so fun! Those two French brothers who are police or something, and the Old Sea Captain. I just love that Tantan. With his mysteries in the Russia or China or the Moon, looking for traysure. He's a boy reporter. I always hope he finds enough traysure so he can retire because it's such a dangerous, dangerous career being a boy reporter. I say it's so hot! It's hot out today I must say. Makes a body feel like just lying around and reading some Tantan. Another mint julep and another Tantan, please! 
"I just love the clean art style of Her-hay[1], of Her-jay. He's my favorite Belgian cartoonist although they're all so good. I used to say there's nuthin good came out of Belgian but them waffles, but I was wrong. I was wrong, there's that clean line art style and that adorable boy detective-reporter, I'm sorry; it's so hot today! I shouldn't be lying in this tauntaun carcass. I thought they smelled bad on the outside! Anyway, I shouldn't keep you anymore, I know you've got a lot of mail to deliver, but you just get me talkin about Tantan I can't stop! We get so few male callers around these parts and my husband's been awful cold to me these days in his old age. Why don't you set a while and I'll read you some Tantan. We'll see where things go..."

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  1. Hergé: The pen name of Georges Remi, the Belgian cartoonist known for creating Tintin, and his clean line art style.