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  • ­Gas, grass, or ass.
         —Rule #5 of the Ouija Board, Episode 190: Ouija @08:20
Dan: The premise of this movie is built on sand. This—
Elliott: Just like the movie The House of Sand and Fog, but they don't even have the fog to shore up the house.
Stuart: And I hate sand.
Dan: The idea—
Elliott: It's so rough.
Stuart: It gets everywhere.
Elliott: Not like Natalie Portman's skin.
Dan: It gets in your butt...
Elliott: What?
Stuart: Whoa! You're misremembering that movie!
Elliott: It would have been so great if Anakin Skywalker's running his hands over Princess Amidala and he just goes: "I hate sand. It gets into your butt." And she's like, "Whoa, what?"
Stuart: "What did Watto do to you?"
Episode 160: God's Not Dead @13:55
  • ­It was the porn abbreviation for 'Ass-to-Mouth'—that's what we watched tonight.
         —Dan, Episode 136: ATM @04:40
  • ­A key piece of information that you leave out is whether that was your wife in the—who had the titular 'Great Ass.'
         —Dan, Episode 86: The Happiest Millionaire @37:00
  • Elliott reimagines the movie as a 2 hour lead-up to a very surprising place to say "In my butt." Episode 31: Swing Vote
  • If your dad was dying of terminal cancer and the only way to cure him was to fuck him in the ass, would you do it? Episode 5: Saw III
  • ­I don't know if I'm gonna make a lot of friends with this comment, but I would argue my favorite part of the movie was literally any part where you got a good look at Jessica Biel's ass. You know, because it was really nice to look at, and it made me forget that there was a robot fighter pilot trying to kill everybody.
         —Stuart, Episode 1: Stealth @14:45
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