Real boobs rock
see also: Butts, Three Boobs and The Invisible Maniac
The stars of many of Stuart's favorite movies. Stuart and Elliott have large-breast fetishes whereas for Dan anything goes.

Mentioned InEdit

  • ­She's got great boobs, man. I mentioned it like five times while we were watching it.
         —Stuart, Episode 27: 27 Dresses @23:10
  • Episode 38: Beverly Hills Chihuahua In an eerie display of post cognition, Stuart speculates on the possibility of there being a hilarious scene in Mrs. Doubtfire (alternative title: Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dad) in which she sets her boobs on fire. @31:00
  • ­The movie The Gift gave us the gift of Katie Holmes' breasts, back when she was not crazy.
         —Dan, Episode 62: Legion @01:55
  • Teri Hatcher's breasts in Heaven's Prisoners. (ibid. @02:05)
  • Scarlett Johansson's boobs (ibid. @02:25)
  • ­It's like your brain is a nudity-seeking missile. It's like you can't go ten seconds without thinking of a way to turn it to boobs.
         —Elliott, Episode 87: My Soul to Take @30:10
  • ­Am I like a fairy godparent who's allowing a young child their first taste of boobs? I mean, their second taste of boobs, technically.
         —Pervazoid #1, Episode 123: That's My Boy @06:30

Other AppearancesEdit

Boobs are discussed at length when Dan McCoy and Elliott Kalan appear on minute 44 of Star Wars Minute.
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