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Elliott: It was like a, it was like if there was a Hat Cop show and there was a Bank Robber show, and they did like a sweeps week's crossover movie of the week.
Dan: That's what it—that is what it feels like. Like a, like a McMillan&Wife, like, sort of a...
Elliott: Yeah.
Dan: a CBS Mystery Movie.
Elliott: Like this is a TV movie CBS would make so they could try to spin it off into a show, if it got a big—like the way they did with Kojak. (I don't know if that was CBS.) The way Kojak was done. And like, Columbo was the same way, I think. So like...
Stuart: And Battlestar Galactica.
Dan: Mhm!
Elliott: Uhh...
Dan: Mystery show!
Elliott: Yep! The classic mystery show Battlestar Galactica.
Dan: Turns out, the Cylons did it.
Elliott: There's—there's a bunch of regular people, like high-society types, and a Cylon in the room. And Detective Galactica—Detective B. Galactica:

"I think I know who did it."

Stuart: "Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait..."
Dan: "Uh, one more—one more question."
Stuart: "One thing I just couldn't understand..."
Elliott: "One more question, Mr. Cylon. So you're a killing-machine robot?"

"Uh, yes I am."

"Uh, case closed. That's—"

Dan: "You say you're a human being. Now, uh, why do you—why are your eyes one red light that goes back and forth?"
Elliott: "Uh, I have a condition."

"Oh, that makes sense. That makes a lot of sense. Uh, just one more question: if you're a regular person, why do you have big metal claws for hands? And why are you a robot?"

"Um, ah, ah—"

And the Cylon tries to jump out the window, but a cop leaps out of an ambush and tackles him.

"How did you know the Cylon was the one who did it?"

"Let's just say: I had a hunch."

Oh, he's also a hunchback—so that pun, so it's always a pun at the end of the episode: "Let's say I had a hunch."

Stuart: Looks at—he looks at the camera and says: "Caa-ase closed!"
Elliott: It's called Battlestar Galactica: Hunchback Detective, stars the late Peter Falk, and a Cylon—it's always a Cylon who did it. And he talks like the guy from the Stolen trailer.
Episode 124: Stolen @33:45